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Jun 17, 2022Open    Access

Somite and Brain Nociceptive Coupling in Evolution of Nociceptive-Sympathetic Coupling for Pain Sensations by NBA

Zi-Jian Cai
In May 2016, it was proposed by the US athletes of the National Basketball Association (NBA) on television that the nociceptive-sympathetic coupling be required for pain sensations. Later, it was demonstrated that, via the activation of sympathetic outputs directly by the nociceptive neurons in laminae I and V of the dorsal spinal horn as well as those in periaqueductal grey (PAG) of brain, it was completed the nociceptive-sympathetic coupling in vertebrates. In this article, for the evolutionar...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Jun 09, 2022Open    Access

Prevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Nurses in Kakamega County, Kenya

Micky Oloo Olutende, Anthony Muchiri Wangui, David Kaniaru, Elizabeth Mse
The objective of the study was to establish the prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) on nurses’ productivity in Kakamega County. The study was a descriptive cross-sectional study and quantitative methods were adopted. The study was carried out in hospitals in Kakamega county Kenya. A self-administered questionnaire (The standardized Nordic questionnaire) was used to gather information from randomly selected nurses (n = 130). Data were presented using descriptive statistic...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Apr 27, 2022Open    Access

Nurses Awareness on Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Kakamega County Kenya

Micky Olutende, Anthony Muchiri Wangui, David Kaniaru, Edwin Wamukoya
The objective of the study was to investigate nurses’ awareness of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) in Kakamega county. The study was a descriptive cross-sectional study and Quantitative methods were adopted. The study was carried out in hospitals in Kakamega county Kenya. A self-administered questionnaire was used to gather information from randomly selected nurses (n = 130). Data was presented using descriptive statistics in the form of frequencies and percentages for categorical...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Jun 30, 2021Open    Access

Investigation of Loss of Consciousness Induced by Gravity Acceleration on the Human Brain

Abbas Shafiee, Amirhossein Ahmadian, Mohammadali Alidoost
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) are any disorder in a brain’s functionality that can be caused by numerous reasons, including motor-vehicle crashes, falls, and assaults. Impractical in-vivo head injury experiments compel bio- engineers to develop a robust, accurate, and efficient computer model. In this study, bovine brain samples were tested under a confined compression testing machine. Consequently, the result from unconfined compression tests, at quasi-static strain rates of ε=0.0004...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

Jun 18, 2020Open    Access

Effect of an eLearning Intervention on Undergraduate Health Professional Student’s General Histology and Embryology Summative Examination Scores

Ian G. Munabi, Erisa S. Mwaka, Gonzaga G. Kirum, Haruna Kirwowa, Aloysius Gonzaga Mubuuke, Sarah Kiguli, William Buwembo
Sub-Saharan Africa has the worst global shortage of health professionals. The use of eLearning interventions, that lead to increased interactions according to the Interaction Equivalency theorem, is a potential means of addressing this shortage of health professionals. In this audit we set out to determine the effect of an eLearning general histology and general embryology intervention on student’s summative examination scores. The audit compared the written and practical summative examination s...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

Oct 08, 2019Open    Access

The Neural Pathways for the Hypothetic Nociceptive-Sympathetic Coupling of NBA for Pain Sensation

Zi-Jian Cai
In May 2016, it was suggested by the US athletes playing games of National Basketball Association (NBA) in television that the pain sensation might result from the post-sensory nociceptive-sympathetic coupling. In this re-view, it is attempted to newly delineate the underlying neural pathways for this post-sensory nociceptive-sympathetic coupling. Based on the con-temporary feedback neural circuits of pain transmission in spinal c
Open Access Library J.   Vol.6, 2019

Jan 25, 2019Open    Access

Lip Print Characteristics in Anatolian Population: Baskent University Sample

Can Pelin, Hale Oktem, Ayla Kurkcuoglu, Hulya Olmus
Background: Identification is of importance for any crime investigation. Among several other methods, lip prints, if available, should also be evalu-ated to point out the relationship between the individual and the committed crimes. Lip print evaluation is known as “cheiloscopy” and important for forensic anthropologists in identification process since they are unique for each individual as fingerprints. Sex estimation is from lip
Open Access Library J.   Vol.6, 2019

Nov 26, 2018Open    Access

Prevalence of Septum Pellucidum Variations: A Retrospective Study

Hale Oktem, Alper Dilli, Ayla Kurkcuoglu, Can Pelin
Background: The septum pellucidum is a vertical double membrane, extending from the lower surface of the corpus callosum to the fornix. Cavum septi pellu-cidi (CSP) is a cavity formation between the two membranes that separate the septum pellucidum from the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle. Cavum vergae (CV) is the extension of the cavity between the two leaflets posterior to the splenium of the corpus callosum. In addition,
Open Access Library J.   Vol.5, 2018

Jan 25, 2016Open    Access

Effects of Mental Activity on Hand Skill Rate Performance Ability among Second Grader Medical Students

Nimet Unay Gundogan, Erhan Kiziltan, Leyla Aydin, Ersin Ogus
Introduction: Determination of hand skill rate is thought to be important for the functional evaluation of nervous system. Therefore, hand skill performance monitoring could be a reliable measure for the effect of audio-visual medical teaching on central nervous system. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of mental activity on the hand skill rate performance ability following one hour audio-visual medical teaching. Methods: Participants were 34 healthy screened right handed voluntee...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.3, 2016

Jul 16, 2015Open    Access

Hemodynamic Forces Effective in Reshaping Vascular Geometry

Erhan Kiziltan
Besides the medical education, simulations became an attractive diagnostic method in some clinical cases. Recent advances in computerized image processing bring new practices entitled as “patient specific simulation” to the agenda. One of the successful applications which examines hemodynamic forces as a result of the interaction between blood flow and vessel wall constitutes the topic of this study. In this study, the terms and laws which provided a theoretical basis for the hemodynamic forces ...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.2, 2015


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