Jan 22, 2021Open    AccessPreprint

Scientific Construction of Utopia: Social Modeling and Simulation of Migration to No Man's Land

Mingkai Zhou, Yifan Pan, Zhuowei Zhang
In this paper, we presents a social simulation model for planning migration to no man's land. The model maximize both the economic output and job satisfaction for the workforce with sustainability in the scope. We build a self-adaptive system and define its dynamics. We run simulations of the system with real-world census data(PUMS 2015) to find out the optimal feasible solution. The model simulate the dynamic evolution of Population Zero. Consisting of various systems such as job, marriage, chi...

Jan 15, 2021Open    AccessPreprint

An Overview of Analytical Learning: Explanation Based Learning

Mingkai Zhou
Learning methods such as neural network and decision tree need a certain number of training samples to achieve a certain level of generalization accuracy. Analytic learning uses prior knowledge and deductive reasoning to expand the information provided by training examples, so it is not restricted by the same boundaries. This paper introduces an analytic learning method called explanation based learning (EBL). In interpretive learning, prior knowledge is used to analyze how the observed learning...

Jan 15, 2021Open    AccessPreprint

Design of NAND Flash Controller Based on NB-LDPC ECC

Tingzhen Liu, Haozhe Yu, Guanhui Zhang, Yuge Li, Mingkai Zhou, Ziyi Zhang, Xiaoning Xin, Siyuan Liu, Jian Ren
NAND flash, as the mainstream storage medium, has the advantages of high performance, high density, non-volatile and low power consumption. However, due to the special internal structure of NAND flash, it is necessary to design a special controller for data management, which is suitable for all kinds of storage systems. In this paper, a NAND flash controller based on NB-LDPC is completed. We will describe the construction of LDPC code, the implementation of encoding circuit, the realization of d...

Aug 28, 2020Open    AccessPreprint

Two Special Points in Space—The Existence of Non-Dissipative Ordered Structures

Tumport Jiang
This paper found two special points in the space of the charge distribution resulting from thermal electron emission and summed up the characteristics of the two points. Some special characteristics exist between the two points, including constant direction of potential gradient, spontaneous process of remarkable deviation from equilibrium, inconsistence of the directions of forces and fluxes etc. This paper also analyzed the entropy production rates caused by the flow going with the potential g...

Jul 16, 2020Open    AccessPreprint

A Kind of Spontaneous Non-Equilibrium Ordered Structure and the Exploration of Its Usability

Jiantang Jiang
Demonstrated the existence of another kind of non-equilibrium ordered structure that emerges at vapor-liquid interface spontaneously. This structure forms spontaneously due to thermal motion of the molecules moving between the vapor phase and the liquid phase. Also presented an experimental model based on this ordered structure. In the model, each spontaneous process can make a segment approach equilibrium, but also cause another segment to deviate from equilibrium. The linkage and complementari...

Apr 02, 2020Open    AccessPreprint

The Importance of Geochemistry in the Management of Lake Environments: Analysis of Parameters Composing the Water Quality Index (Wqi)

Ana Silva, Isabel Azevedo, Manuel Cruz
The present work aims to elaborate a review of the geochemical aspects used to compose the Raw Water Quality Index (WQI), highlighting lake environments and their importance for management practices. This paper is a bibliographic review based on specialized scientific and legislative literature conducted between April 2016 and March 2019. The scientific articles were selected by searching the Scielo database and the Periódicos Capes and the database search was performed using the terminologies r...

Aug 29, 2017Open    AccessPreprint

Synthesis of Ferrocene Tertiary Amine Cyclopalladium Compounds and Its Application in Suzuki and Sonogashira Reactions

Qi Yuan
Ynones, also known as α, β-acetylenic ketones, have been widespread used in modern synthetic organic chemistry. They exist in biologically active compounds, and are used as vital building blocks in complex molecule synthesis. Consequently, a number of methodologies involving ynones have been developed to access a wide range scaffold using this simple building block. In this paper, the synthesis of a ferrocene tertiary amine cyclop

Mar 22, 2017Open    AccessPreprint

On the Nature of Photon

Alexander I. Korolev
The article considers physical properties of photon as a quantum of electromagnetic wave in luminiferous medium. An experimental evaluation method for its energy and mass based on radiation pressure effect was presented. The of “photon amplitude” concept was introduced, through which energy is represented similarly to quantum (phonon) energy of elastic mechanical wave. A model of photon as a wave packet in the medium was considere

Sep 27, 2016Open    AccessPreprint

Powerful Efficacy of GCSB-5 Treatment for Improving Fatigue and Motor Function in Multiple Sclerosis (MS): A Randomized Double Blind, Place-bo-Controlled Study

Ji Yun Shin
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common disability in young adults that requires early symptomatic treatment to prevent long-term disability. Among young adults, MS is the most common central nerv-ous system (CNS) chronic inflammatory illness that is characterized by demyelination in the CNS. However, current disease-modifying treatments are not sufficiently effective for preventing the variety of symptoms during the co

Aug 10, 2016Open    AccessPreprint

The Advantage of Asymmetrical Handedness in Cooperation with Heartbeat: A Hypothesis from the Chinese Member of Satellite Group

Zi-Jian Cai
Recently, it was published the book “Electromagnetic Unification of Four Forces”(ISBN978-3-659-76798-2), compiling the progressions in physics manifested in television, made by the world people while led notably by the author and the Members in the world satellite networks from India, ZheJiang and USA. Besides these significant achievements, it has also been made many activities and achievements on neural sciences. In this article


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