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Jun 02, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Reclassification of Financial Assets

Congcong Gou
In order to better meet needs of the development of market economy, the Ministry of Finance revised the classification and transfer of financial assets in 2017, which would have a series of impacts on financial accounting after the revision. About how to implement the financial assets standard better, this paper uses comparative analysis, literature collection and other methods; combines with practical work to make a systematic study; analyzes the background of the revision, reclassification con...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jun 02, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Effect of Langmuir Monolayer of Bovine Serum Albumin Protein on the Morphology of Calcium Carbonate

Zhonghui Xue, Ning Xue
In this paper we used BSA Langmuir monolayer as templates to study the effect of solute concentration on regulated biomineralization of calcium carbonate. During the crystallization process, it is found that the morphology of the calcium carbonate can be strongly affected by the solute concentration in presence of BSA Langmuir monolayer. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) results show that the crystal of calcium carbonate formed is all the calcite phase with a higher orientation. SEM images show that the m...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jun 01, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Potential Application of Lawsonia inermis L. (Lythraceae) Aqueous Extract as an Objectively Quantifiable Assay for Assessment of Viability of Protoscolices from Hydatid Cysts

Elsayed E. Elowni, Ghada H. Abdelnabi, Mohamed F. Ahmad, Reem M. Badawi
Cystic echinococcosis, also known as hydatidosis, is a serious zoonotic disease. Protoscolices (PSCs) in hydatid cysts are the infective form of the tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus senso lato, an intestinal parasite of canines, particularly dogs. The cysts develop in a wide range of domestic and wild ungulates as intermediate hosts and humans as an aberrant host following incidental ingestion of parasite eggs. Canine hosts acquire infection with the adult parasite when they ingest with viscera ...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 29, 2020Open    AccessArticle

A Comparative Study of Folk Culture Translation from the Perspective of Cultural Presupposition—Taking Four English Versions of Biancheng as an Example

Ningning Wang
The rich cultural presuppositions contained in Chinese folk culture have important values in the translation of folk culture and cross-cultural communication. In order to explore how the translator deals with the cultural presupposition, this paper takes the concept of cultural presupposition as the starting point and adopts qualitative research and case study methods to make a multidimensional comparative analysis of the translation of folk culture involved in the four English versions of Bianc...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 29, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Light on Saccharide Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery by Proteiniphilum acetatigenes PSB-W

Qingping Hu, Xiaoli Gao
Photosynthetic bacteria (PSB) wastewater treatment is a new method with great resource recovery potential. In order to improve the biomass and valuable resources of bacteria in the wastewater treatment of photosynthetic bacteria, the effects of different light conditions on the efficiency of Proteiniphilum acetatigenes PSB-W in the treatment of sugar wastewater and the production of bacteria and carotenoids in the wastewater were analyzed from three aspects of light source, light intensity and l...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 29, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Analyzing the Health Security System in Japan: Lessons Learned for Bangladesh

Muhammad Kawsar Mahmud
Bangladesh has achieved tremendous success in health sector. Despite remarkable achievements in health security is still a concern for the nation. Most of the people still live in village and grope to receive better health services around them. However, they don’t have scope to consult with anticipated doctors aside from coming in any city. On the other hand, medical expenses are quite high that puts pressure on them. This article explores Japanese’ experience in designing and implementing effec...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 29, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Octave Analysis of Logistic Growth Model for Pig Pen: Its Economic Viability

I. S. S. Abang, O. N. Nze, O. A. Oriola, I. S. Amasiatu
Pig pen is fast becoming a very lucrative system of farming in Nigeria, most especially in the South-Eastern region of the country. This form of animal farming is very cost effective and does not need much training before someone ventures into it, as pigs are a very special breed of animals that can eat almost any kind of food, and they do not fall sick easily when compared with chicken poultry or fish poultry business. This paper also discussed how swine breeding could help in addressing enviro...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 27, 2020Open    AccessArticle

The Mathematics Teachers Shift from the Traditional Teacher-Centred Classroom to a More Constructivist Student-Centred Epistemology

Iliya Joseph Bature
This paper sought to look at the mathematics teachers’ effort to shift from the traditional teacher-centered classroom instruction to a democratic student-centred classroom. Three research questions provided direction for the study. Four mathematics teachers participated in a qualitative case study research in a community of practice approach. They taught mathematics in two secondary schools for a period of 2 years. During this period, Six Senior secondary two students volunteered to participate...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 27, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Humor Is Important in Healthcare Relationship? —The Perceptions of Doctors and Nurses

Cristina Vaz de Almeida, Cecília Nunes
It has been empirically demonstrated that humor can positively affect psychological and physical well-being, and that sense of humor is a major component of high-hope individuals . Sharing humor contributes to feelings of togetherness, closeness, and friendship and promotes positive communication in prevention, perception, and perspective of results. To assess the perception of health professionals about the use of communication competences, among which, the use of humor in the therapeutic relat...

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 27, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Sea Level Variations of Zhejiang Province, China

Pingbo Wang, Liuzhu Wang, Mantravadi Venkata Subrahmanyam
In this paper we consider the Zhejiang (ZJ) provincial coastal area to find the sea level (SL) variations. Sea Surface Height Relative to Geoid over these areas has been obtained from the satellite altimetry data produced routinely by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) and Archiving, Validation and Interpretation of Satellite Oceanographic (AVISO) data. Monthly, seasonal and interannual variations of SL over ZJ have been presented

Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020


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