Jul 31, 2014Open    AccessPreprint

Bioremediation of Contaminated Water-Based on Various Technologies

Jiechao Cheng

This paper presents a brief outline of the development of bioremediation technologies (Microorganism remediation, phytoremediation, animal remediation and other methods applied in bioremediation.) applied at heavy metals, eutrophication, petroleum spills, pesticide contamination and other organic pollutions in water. Ecological relationships of microorganisms and contaminates were clearly expressed here. And mechanisms and types (Phytoextraction, phytode


Mar 05, 2014Open    AccessPreprint

Estimation of trace elements in fly ash released from coal combustion

Ali Eltayeib
Abstract: The formation of ash and the transformation of minerals matter during coal combustion have been topics of intensive study by numerous research groups. The fact that toxic and heavy metal constituents are associated with pulverized coal ash has been known for many years. Coal combustion not only generates gaseous pollutants like SO2 and NOx but also toxic and heavy metals to the atmosphere. From the environmental point of view, the determination and speciation of trace toxic and heavy m...


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