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Jan 25, 2024Open    Access

The Concern of the SHS Teacher and Examination Malpractice: Combating the Excessive Examination Malpractices in Ghana

Kwame Anokye, Ivy Betur Naaso, Abdul-Jalil Halid, Abigail Okyere Darko, Edmund Kude Diderutua, Ibrahim Salifu Bawa, Hayford Kusi, Asakinaba Emmanuel, Wasilatu Hussein, Alhassan Salifu, Emmanuel Essien Ackah
Examination malpractice poses a significant challenge to the integrity of Senior High School (SHS) education in Ghana. This narrative review delves into the complex interplay of factors contributing to malpractices and explores the perspectives of SHS teachers. Current strategies, while implemented with the intent to mitigate malpractices, reveal gaps and limitations that call for improvement. Factors such as high-stakes examinations, inadequate resources, and the absence of a robust ethical fou...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Dec 15, 2023Open    Access

Teaching Reform and Research of Electrical Engineering and Electronics in the Context of New Engineering Career Swallow

New engineering is a strategic action for the reform of higher education in China, and it is the upgrading and development of traditional engineering majors. In the teaching process of the course, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things and other technologies are combined with interdisciplinary integration, so that students have a wider range of knowledge and more comprehensive abilities, adjust the training objectives to meet the needs of the industry in the new era, continuously improve...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Dec 01, 2023Open    Access

Influencing Factors of China’s Educational Reform and Its Future Development Prospects

Lingling Lou
This study systematically examines the historical progression of educational reforms in China and the influence of various factors, notably economic such as socio-economic conditions, policy adjustments and shifts in educational philosophy at different historical periods on the strategies of education reform. Concerning forecasted transformations in education, the research identifies four primary dimensions—revising the strategic direction of reforms; integrating novel technology into educationa...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Nov 21, 2023Open    Access

Analysis of the Current Situation of Science Education Development in Primary and Secondary Schools under the New Curriculum Reform

Yujian Shi
With the continuous reform and progress of the education system, science education for primary and secondary school students has received increasing attention from the public and has become an essential component of the basic education system. However, the current science teaching in Chinese primary and secondary schools still faces many challenges, including a shortage of science teachers, an incomplete long-term effective science teacher training system, a lack of science textbooks and teachin...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Oct 26, 2023Open    Access

Exploring the System Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program among Local University Students: A Case Study of Shandong University of Science and Technology

Yiwen Dai
The university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program is a vital platform for innovation and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities. It is project-based, allowing students to actively engage in project design, execution, and successful completion through project defense. This program aims to enhance students’ innovative thinking, entrepreneurial abilities, and further develop their practical skills. This article analyzes the implementation of the innovation and en...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

May 19, 2023Open    Access

Knowledge and Practices of Authentic Assessment in Junior High Schools

George Asante
Assessment is a vital aspect of curriculum practice. A prime concern of educational stakeholders is how the outcomes of instruction affect students’ need to transfer knowledge, ideals, and skills to the workplace. However, social studies teachers in junior high schools in Ghana dwell much on traditional assessment methods than authentic assessment methods. The study aimed to examine social studies teachers’ knowledge and practice of authentic assessment in junior high schools. The specific objec...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Feb 27, 2023Open    Access

Bridge the Gap—Incorporating Classroom Response Systems for Classroom-Embedded Formative Assessment

Weihua Shi, Jace Hargis
Research on the topic of summative assessments has attracted a large audience. The latest trend of a “process-oriented view of learning” has given rise to a heated discussion about assessment as a facilitative instrument to scaffold learning rather than being regarded solely as a “high-stake” measurement tool. Black and Wiliam contributed heavily to theorizing about the pedagogical use of assessment in the classroom with their widely read papers “Assessment and classroom learning (1998)” and “Cl...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Feb 23, 2023Open    Access

The Dilemma and Relief of “Metaverse Education Archive” Informatization in China

Shuang Chen
“Meta-universe” is a development trend in the current informatization era, and transforming real features into virtual digital information is the future development direction of educational archives in the context of “meta-universe”. As a basic work of national education development, informatization of education archives has made great progress, but at present, the relevant research is not deep enough. In this paper, we discuss the informatization of education in the context of metaverse, analyz...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Nov 30, 2022Open    Access

Cultivating Critical Thinking-Oriented Post-Editors towards the Language Service Industry

Yang Chen
With the expansion of language service industry and the wide application of machine translation, cultivating high-quality machine translation post-editors is becoming increasingly significant. Cultivating post-editors with higher-order thinking helps improve the efficiency of international exchange and meets the demand of language service industry. This paper explores the path to cultivate critical thinking-oriented machine translation post-editors, by means of the reconstruction of post-editing...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Nov 21, 2022Open    Access

Research on Teaching Mode of College Subject—Based on Intelligent Interaction

Rong Xu, Ying Li, Jianzhang Yan
The development of educational informatization has brought about great changes in educational form and learning mode. Through the deep integration of subject teaching and information technology, colleges and universities can realize the goal of core literacy education. Intelligent teaching based on intelligent interactive technology can promote the transformation of educational ideas, improve TPACK teaching ability, and realize the reform and innovation of teaching mode, so as to guide students ...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022


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