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Jan 29, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Electrochemical Degradation of Amoxicillin on a Ti/Ta2O5/Pt-RuO2-IrO22 Electrode

Appia Foffié Thiery Auguste, Lassiné Ouattara
This work deals with the degradation of Amoxcillin which is one of the antibiotics commonly used in human and veterinary medicine. For such an investigation, Pt-RuO2-IrO2 (PRI) electrode was used as anode and various parameters such as current density (20 - 100 mA/cm2), supporting electrolyte and chloride were monitored. The results showed that the amoxicillin oxidation reaction is diffusion controlled and its degradation rate increases as the applied current inc...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Aug 26, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Demobilizing Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes by Electrochemical Technology: New Insights

Djamel Ghernaout
Taking into account its merits in terms of high efficiency and low energy consumption, electrochemical (EC) technology especially bioelectrochemical system (BES) has been applied largely in reducing different antibiotics from wastewater. BES averts the spread of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) via forming less quantity of sludge compared with wastewater treatment plants. Nevertheless, transmembrane permeability and membrane potential could be influenced by the electrical stimulation, conducti...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jun 10, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Charge Neutralization in the Core of Plasma Treatment

Djamel Ghernaout
At the COVID-19 time, viruses could easily contaminate humans, animals, and plants. In charge of several hospitalizations, many deaths, and widespread crop destruction, viruses lead to a considerable medical, economical, and biological burden. Several applied disinfection techniques are efficient and unfortunately possess inherent disadvantages. As a fresh, performant and green technology, cold plasma has attracted attention for its efficacy in viruses’ killing. This work presents a brief summar...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 26, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Optimization of Process Parameters in Electro-Magnetic Welding of D9 Tube to SS316 L (N) Plug

Satendra Kumar, G. K. Dey, Archana Sharma
In electro-magnetic welding (EMW) process, optimization of process parameters is very important aspect. Optimization process leads to generation of mechanically and metallurgically sound interface weld without overstressing tool coil and electromagnetic welding equipment. This work investigates the effect of four important process parameters (Magnetic field in coil ID, Frequency of current pulse, Taper angle of SS316 L (N) plug and Stand-off distance between D9 tube and SS316 L (N) plug) on weld...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

May 20, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) Control Strategies in Electrodisinfection

Djamel Ghernaout, Noureddine Elboughdiri
Chemical water treatment problems such as disinfection by-products (DBPs) generation have urged on the search for better water treatment technologies such as electrochemical water technologies that have been applied successfully in different water/wastewater pollutants removal. However, their large expansion is hindered by similar DBPs troubles. Throughout the electrochemical process, such carcinogenic substances can be produced depending on the electrode material and applied voltage. This work ...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Sep 18, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities and Cytotoxicity of Sclerocarya birrea Stem Bark

Abigail John Mai, Michael Emmanuel, Patrick Ayim, Mohammed Bello Magaji
The research was aimed at the antibacterial studies and cytotoxicity of aqueous trona extract of Sclerocarya birrea (marula) stem bark. Extraction of the stem bark was carried out using decoction method from the dried stem bark of marula. The extract was subjected to phytochemical screening, antibacterial and cytotoxicity test. The extract indicated the presence of tannin, saponins and alkaloids with the absenc
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

May 29, 2019Open    AccessArticle

An Investigation on Weldability of Flared D9 Tube to Cylindrical SS316L (N) Plug Using Electro-Magnetic Compression Welding

Satendra Kumar, G. K. Dey, Archana Sharma
Geometry configurations of joining partners (similar/dissimilar metals) are important to achieve effective and smooth joint in electromagnetic (EM) compression welding. Accordingly, design of welding tool (multi-turn coil) becomes challenging [1]. EM welding of flared D9 flyer tube to SS316 L (N) straight cylindrical plug has been performed under a discharge voltage of 15 - 17 kV with coil current 230 - 250 kA at
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Oct 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Inhibiting Effect of Dioctyl Phthalate on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in 1.0 M Hydrochloric Acid Solution

Michael Emmanuel, Bethrand T. Nwufo, Mbanefo M. Ekwenchi
Steel corrosion is a major and costly problem to industrialists and construction workers. The inhibiting effect of dioctyl phthalate on the corrosion of mild steel was carried out in 1.0 M solution of HCl as the corrosion medium using the weight loss method. The adsorption of the dioctyl phthalate on the surface of the mild steel in 1.0 M HCl was found to follow the physisorption mechanism and also follow the first order rate law.
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Sep 30, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Preparation and Study of Dielectric and Electrical Conductivity of Ba5NdTi3V7O30 Ceramics

Jagatananda Panda, Bana Bihari Mohanty, Priyadarshini Sanghamitra Sahoo, Ram Naresh Prasad Choudhary
Ba5NdTi3V7O30 is a tungsten bronze structured ceramic sample, prepared by Solid State reaction route at high temperature (950℃). The room temperature XRD analysis confi
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Mar 28, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Electrogravimetric Determination of Copper Using a Constructed Compact Electrolytic Cell

Dallatu E. Musa, Rufus Sha’Ato, Ishaq S. Eneji, Adams U. Itodo
Conventional electrolytic cells are usually cumbersome and simulated with fragile open ended glass wares such as beakers, tubes, troughs or tanks which are prone to interference and contamination. Electrolytic cell was designed by allotting dimensions for its length: 12.0 cm, breadth: 6.0 cm and height: 8.0 cm to the cell; its casing for 9.0 V power source was allotted 2.5 cm length, 2.5 cm breadth and 2
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018


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