Aug 28, 2020Open    AccessPreprint

Two Special Points in Space—The Existence of Non-Dissipative Ordered Structures

Tumport Jiang
This paper found two special points in the space of the charge distribution resulting from thermal electron emission and summed up the characteristics of the two points. Some special characteristics exist between the two points, including constant direction of potential gradient, spontaneous process of remarkable deviation from equilibrium, inconsistence of the directions of forces and fluxes etc. This paper also analyzed the entropy production rates caused by the flow going with the potential g...

Jul 16, 2020Open    AccessPreprint

A Kind of Spontaneous Non-Equilibrium Ordered Structure and the Exploration of Its Usability

Jiantang Jiang
Demonstrated the existence of another kind of non-equilibrium ordered structure that emerges at vapor-liquid interface spontaneously. This structure forms spontaneously due to thermal motion of the molecules moving between the vapor phase and the liquid phase. Also presented an experimental model based on this ordered structure. In the model, each spontaneous process can make a segment approach equilibrium, but also cause another segment to deviate from equilibrium. The linkage and complementari...


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