Jan 15, 2021Open    AccessPreprint

Design of NAND Flash Controller Based on NB-LDPC ECC

Tingzhen Liu, Haozhe Yu, Guanhui Zhang, Yuge Li, Mingkai Zhou, Ziyi Zhang, Xiaoning Xin, Siyuan Liu, Jian Ren
NAND flash, as the mainstream storage medium, has the advantages of high performance, high density, non-volatile and low power consumption. However, due to the special internal structure of NAND flash, it is necessary to design a special controller for data management, which is suitable for all kinds of storage systems. In this paper, a NAND flash controller based on NB-LDPC is completed. We will describe the construction of LDPC code, the implementation of encoding circuit, the realization of d...

Sep 22, 2014Open    AccessPreprint

Traffic Grooming and QoS Management over OLS Networks

Yassine Khlifi
Optical label switching (OLS) has been proposed as promising technology for providing seamless integration of data transmission and optical networking while supporting data burst and packet handling using label paradigm. The current status of OLS technology can insure fast switching, contention resolution and QoS provision. The main issue in OLS networks is how to improve network efficiency according to traffics requirements, since resources managing and traffic transmission are fundamental crit...


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