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Design of NAND Flash Controller Based on NB-LDPC ECC

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.preprints.1200293, PP. 1-26

Subject Areas: Communication Protocols, Information and communication theory and algorithms, Simulation/Analytical Evaluation of Communication Systems

Keywords: NAND-Flash, NB-LDPC, Integrated Circuit, Communication Verification

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NAND flash, as the mainstream storage medium, has the advantages of high performance, high density, non-volatile and low power consumption. However, due to the special internal structure of NAND flash, it is necessary to design a special controller for data management, which is suitable for all kinds of storage systems. In this paper, a NAND flash controller based on NB-LDPC is completed. We will describe the construction of LDPC code, the implementation of encoding circuit, the realization of decoding circuit and the connection with interface. We run simulations and simulations through C , Verilog, and Maltab. Part of the performance of the module is tested. The size of LDPC check matrix is 9210*1017 and the code rate is 0.89. The encoding and decoding circuits of the controller are all implemented and have ECC function.

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Liu, T. , Yu, H. , Zhang, G. , Li, Y. , Zhou, M. , Zhang, Z. , Xin, X. , Liu, S. and Ren, J. (2021). Design of NAND Flash Controller Based on NB-LDPC ECC. Open Access Library PrePrints, 5, e293. doi:


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