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May 26, 2023Open    Access

Student Teachers’ Perspectives on Teaching: The Making of Teaching Profession as a First Choice

Liriolyn B. Pacursa, Analyn D. Almoite, Divina B. Bata, Carmela G. Blando
This study looked at the respondents’ demographic characteristics as well as the degree to which student instructors preferred teaching as a profession, a vocation, and a choice. Additionally, it determines whether there are any significant differences between the respondent’s profile and their level of preference for how they view instruction in terms of the aforementioned criteria. According to the survey, the majority of respondents are female, most of them major in Home Economics, and the ma...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Feb 16, 2023Open    Access

Exploring College English Teachers’ Teaching Competence and Its Development in Curriculum-Based Values Education: An Ecological Perspective

Yanfei Shen
Teachers play a key role in comprehensively promoting curriculum-based values education, and teachers’ teaching competence is an important guarantee of its implementation and effectiveness. From the ecological perspective, an empirical study is conducted on college English teachers’ teaching competence and its development in curriculum-based values education. This study establishes a framework of college English teachers’ teaching competence in curriculum-based values education, which consists o...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Oct 20, 2022Open    Access

Transforming the Instructional Leadership Professional Development Landscape Utilizing National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Resources

Twianie Roberts, Cheryl Seay, Deborah Bellamy
Increasing measurable student achievement is a primary goal for K-12 institutions worldwide. To this end, Instructional Leaders must be knowledgeable concerning instructional best practices, technology, and current research in education. This paper examines professional development for Instructional Leaders utilizing an accomplished teaching model that employs National Board for Professional Teaching Standards resources as the basis for instruction. Within the context of this paper, Instructiona...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Sep 15, 2022Open    Access

Book Review on Evaluation of Teacher Preparation Programs

Zhaohao Nian
This article is a book review article. This is an academic work on the evaluation of teacher preparation courses by scholars at American academic institutions. This book contains four chapters on the purpose and context of teacher preparation plans and principled evaluations, sources of evidence involved in evaluations, designing appropriate evaluation methods for purposes, and decision-making frameworks. The research in this book uses qualitative research methods to accomplish its primary goal:...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Aug 18, 2022Open    Access

International Comparison of STEM Teacher Education

Zhaohao Nian
With the development of science and technology in our society, more and more countries have carried out the exploration of STEM education, and at the same time STEM teacher education has been placed in an important position. This study combines the reasons and policy backgrounds of STEM teacher education in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia and comprehensively uses qualitative research methods and comparative research models to analyze and finds that the similarities among the...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022


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