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Apr 30, 2021Open    AccessArticle

β-Hydrosilylation of Allylic Derivatives with Cyclic and Linear Siloxanes in the Presence of Platinum Catalysts

Zainab Rbihi, Salah Eddine Lanaya, Mohamed Yassine Guida, El Mostapha Rakib, Abdelatif Barakat, Abdelghani El Malki, Abdellah Hannioui
The aim of this work is to study the influence of the nature and position of substitution at allyl benzene on the regioselectivity of the hydrosilylation reaction. We studied hydrosilylation of the various allyl derivatives with cyclic siloxane, D4H, and linears hydrosilylating agents, 1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane and MDHM, in the presence of platinum-based catalysts (Karstedt catalyst, platinum black). We also show the effects of the a...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Sep 18, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities and Cytotoxicity of Sclerocarya birrea Stem Bark

Abigail John Mai, Michael Emmanuel, Patrick Ayim, Mohammed Bello Magaji
The research was aimed at the antibacterial studies and cytotoxicity of aqueous trona extract of Sclerocarya birrea (marula) stem bark. Extraction of the stem bark was carried out using decoction method from the dried stem bark of marula. The extract was subjected to phytochemical screening, antibacterial and cytotoxicity test. The extract indicated the presence of tannin, saponins and alkaloids with the absenc
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

May 12, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Ring-Chain Tautomerism of the Condensation Products of 2-Mercaptobenzohydrazide with Aliphatic and Aromatic Aldehydes: Influence of Electronic and Steric Factors

Andrei Yu Ershov, Igor V. Lagoda, Marina Yu Vasileva, Stanislav I. Yakimovich, Boris V. Chernitsa, Lyudmila Yu Kuleshova, Lyudmila V. Pavlova, Aleksandr V. Yakimansky
It has been shown by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy that 2-mercaptobenzoyl-hydrazones of aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes exist in solution as tautomeric mixtures of linear and cyclic benzo-1,3,4-thiadiazepine forms. The linear hydrazone form is represented by (E,
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017

May 04, 2017Open    AccessArticle

The Uses of 2-Amino-4-Phenylthiazole in the Synthesis of Coumarin, Pyran, Pyridine and Thiazole Derivatives with Antitumor Activities

Faten I. Hamed, Abeer A. Mohamed, Amr S. Abouzied
The thiazole derivative 3 was used for a series of heterocyclization reaction to produce pyran, pyridine and thiazole derivatives. The cytotoxicity of the newly synthesized compounds was studied against the six cancer cell lines namely NUGC, HR, DLD1, HA22T, HEPG2, MCF, HONE1 and normal fibroblast cells (WI38). The results showed that most of the synthesized compounds were of high potency. Amo
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017

Jul 26, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Synthesis and Antitumor Activity of Novel Thienopyrimidine Derivatives Containing Thiosemicarbazide Moiety

Samir B. Salib, Omneya M. Khalil, Mona M. Kamel, Yara El-Dash
The present study focused on synthesizing a series of novel derivatives of 4-aryl-1-[2-(3-benzyl-4-oxo(3H)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro[1]benzothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-2-ylsulphanyl) acetyl] thiosemicarbazide 5a-d and evaluating their antitumor activity. The structure of the synthesized compounds has been
Open Access Library J. Vol.3, 2016

May 23, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Structure of Aldoses Condensation Products with SH-Containing Hydrazides

Andrei Yu Ershov, Igor V. Lagoda, Stanislav I. Yakimovich, Lyudmila Yu Kuleshova, Marina Yu Vasileva, Irina S. Korovina, Valery V. Shamanin
The structure of the condensation products of thiobenzohydrazide, 2-sulfanylacetohydrazide, 3-sulfanylpropiohydrazide, and 2-sulfanylbenzohydrazide with a series of aldoses (L-arabinose, D-ribose, L-rhamnose, D-galactose, D-glucose, and D-mannose) was studied by 1H- and 13C-NMR spectro
Open Access Library J. Vol.3, 2016

May 04, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Structure of Aldoses Condensation Products with 2-Hydroxy- and 2-Aminobenzohydrazides

Igor V. Lagoda, Andrei Yu Ershov, Stanislav I. Yakimovich, Marina Yu Vasileva, Valery A. Polukeev, Ludmila Yu Kuleshova, Irina S. Korovina, Valery V. Shamanin
The structure of the condensation products of 2-hydroxybenzohydrazide, 2-aminobenzohydrazide, and N-methyl-N-(2-aminobenzo) hydrazide with a series of aldoses (L-arabinose, D-ribose, L- rhamnose, D-galactose, D-glucose, and D-mannose) was studied by 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. The condensation products of aldoses with 2-hydroxybenzohydrazide and 2-aminobenzohydra- zide in DMSOd6 solutions exist as equilibrium mixtures of linear acylhydrazone and cyclic p...
Open Access Library J. Vol.3, 2016

Apr 23, 2015Open    AccessArticle

β-Oxo Anilides in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Novel Synthesis of Substituted Pyridazinones, Pyridine, Pyrimidines and Pyrazolotriazines

Abdel Haleem Mostafa Hussein, Mohamed Sayed Abdel Aal El-Gaby, Ahmed Abdel Hameed Abd El-Maged, Ahmed Mohmed El-Sharief, Yousry Ahmed Ammar
Diazotization and coupling of acetoacetanilide derivative 1 with aromatic amines afforded the arylhydrazones 2a,b. Arylhydrazones 2a,b were treated with (DMF-DMA) to yield the pyridazine derivatives 3a,b in good yield. Pyridazinone was treated with hydrazine hydrate to yield 4a,b. Reaction of 2a with hydroxylamine hydrochloride afforded the oxime derivative 5. Similarly, the reaction of acetoacetanilide 1 with hydroxylamine hydrochloride gave 3-hydroxyimino-N-p-tolyl- butyramide 8 not the pyrazo...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Feb 02, 2015Open    AccessArticle

In Vitro Anthelmintic Activity of Mucuna pruriens (DC) and Canarium schweinfurthii (Engl) on Ascaris suum

B. J. Okoli, R. G. Ayo, J. D. Habila, S. L. Japhet, G. I. Ndukwe
The in vitro anthelmintic evaluation of the crude extracts and solvent partitions on Pheretima posthuma and Ascarissuum (eggs and L2 stage) respectively showed significant results at the same concentration (10, 20, 40 and 80 mg/ml). This study provides a clear evidence for usage of Mucuna pruriens and Canarium schweinfurthii as an anthelmintic. The most potent ovicidal partition of C. schweinfurthii (Engl) leaves and bark and leaves ...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Jan 29, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Nitriles in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis of Pyrido[3’,2’:4,5]Thieno[2,3-d] Pyrimidines Derivative

Abdel Haleem Mostafa Hussein, Essam Abdel Raheem Eshak, Fathi Aly Abu-Shanab
6-Amino-3,5-dicyano-4-methylpyridine-2(1H)-thione 1 reacted with a-haloketones to give the S- alkylated derivatives 2a-m. Compound 2a-m undergoes cyclization into thieno[2,3-d] pyridine derivatives 3a-m upon treatment with ethanolic sodium ethoxide. Saponification of 3a gave the amino acid 4 which afforded 5 when refluxed in Ac2O. Treatment of 5 with NH4OAc/AcOH gave 6a. Compound 6a also was obtained when 3c was refluxed in Ac2O. Reaction of 3a with...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015


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