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Jun 29, 2022Open    Access

Histopathological Changes in the Intestine of Infected Pigeons (Columba livia domestica) by Helminth Parasites from Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Mashael A. Aldamigh, Amaal H. Hassan, Ahlam A. Alahmadi
It has been reported that parasite infection can significantly harm domestic pigeons. In this study, we wanted to assess the histopathological changes caused by helminth infection. A total of thirty-five domestic pigeons (C. l. domestica) purchased from Al-Qassim region in Saudi Arabia were included in this study. Among those, nine pigeons (25.71%) were infected with helminth parasites of a cestode (Raillietina species) and a nematode (Ascaridia columbae). It was observed th...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Jun 11, 2020Open    Access

Prevalence of Canine Babesiosis in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State

Moses Ojonugwa Oguche, Israel Joshua Barde, Mayowa Peter Olabode, Waziri Ibrahim Anjili, Victor Haruna, Daniel Apeh, Samson Mark, Joshua Bako Mafulul, Khalin Suleiman Wujat
A study on the prevalence of canine babesiosis was carried out at Jos south Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria, between May and June 2019. Giemsa stained blood smears of 150 dogs revealed that 20 (13.33%) of the dogs were positive with Babesia canis. Among these, 63 (42.00%) were puppies aged less than 6 months, and 87 (58.00%) are adult dogs aged 9 months and above infected by the parasite. However, the age is found significantly correlated with Babesia canis as all the positives a...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

Jun 04, 2020Open    Access

Potential Application of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. (Malvaceae) Aqueous Extract for Assessment of Viability of Protoscolices from Hydatid Cysts

Elsayed E. Elowni, Mohamed F. Ahmad, Ghada H. Abdelnabi, Reem M. Badawi
Cystic echinococcosis (hydatidosis) is a serious zoonotic parasitic disease of global public health and economic importance. It is caused by infection with hydatid cysts, the larva of a tapeworm of canines, particularly dogs. The canine hosts become infected with the adult parasite when they ingest with viscera fertile hydatid cysts containing protoscolices (PSCs). Generally, the mere presence of PSCs in a hydatid cyst has been considered an indication of infectivity to the host. There is no tan...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

Nov 30, 2017Open    Access

Antileishmanial Activity of Coumarin from Amburana cearensis Seeds

Roxeane Martins Monteiro, Igor de Sá Carneiro, Felipe Domingos de Sousa, Maria Jania Teixeira, Regina Claudia Matos Dourado, Renato de Azevedo Moreira, Ana Cristina de Oliveira Monteiro Moreira
Visceral leishmaniasis is caused by parasites of the genus Leishmania. Prevalent in developing countries, the disease is on the list of the world’s most neglected diseases. Most cases (90%) in Latin America occur in Brazil, especially in the Northeast. The condition is treated mainly with pentavalent antimonials, an expensive and relatively inefficient drug known to induce resistance. In search of new antileishm
Open Access Library J.   Vol.4, 2017

Sep 22, 2017Open    Access

Intestinal Parasitic among Children with Less Than Fifteen Years Old in the Rural Neighbourhoods of Saurimo, Province of Lunda-Sul, Angola

Estefania Lourenco Conceicao Agostinho, Antonio Neres Norberg, Paulo Roberto Blanco Moreira Norberg, Fabiano Guerra Sanches, José Tadeu Madeira de Oliveira, Nicolau Maués Serra Freire
Background: Intestinal parasites are among the most common pathogens found in humans. Helminths and protozoa which colonize the intestine constitute an important public health problem in the world. Considering that more than half of the world population is infected by enteroparasites, with high prevalence among the poorest, this research aimed to investigate parasitological indicators among children under fifteen years of age in t
Open Access Library J.   Vol.4, 2017


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