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May 27, 2021Open    Access

Domino Effect of Coronavirus in Nigeria. An Overview of the Socioeconomic, Religious and Educational Perspectives

Abinotami Williams Ebuete, Okpoebi Kenneth Berezi, Lucky E. Ndiwari, Standfast Isiya
The human history has recorded that in every 100 years a new pandemic will erupt to rocked control the human race from over population, changing the courses of history and signaling the end of entire civilization. Today the world is at halt and its economic, socio-cultural, religious, political, scientific and technological myth is degenerating amidst the advent of a novel pandemic (COVID-19). This study therefore, investigated the effect of COVID-19 in terms of economic, socio-cultural, educati...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

Apr 02, 2021Open    Access

Assessment of Soil Fertility in Terms of Essential Nutrients Contents in the Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority Project Sites, Benue State, Nigeria

Ahola David Oklo, Igwe Ageh Armstrong, Ocheri Maxwell Idoko, Terhemba Simeon Iningev, Akoji Adeka Emmanuel, Rebecca Onyela Oklo
The focus on this research work is on soil fertility and involves the consideration of soil organic matter, soil structure, soil microbial population etc. Project sites of Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority (LBRBDA) were evaluated to ascertain the soil fertility levels in terms of their nutrient contents. Data were obtained using Classical methods of analysis. The average soil pH were in the range of (5.84 ± 0.30 - 6.32 ± 0.040), the soil organic matter content were in the range of (0...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

Jun 29, 2020Open    Access

Micronutrient Contents of Heritiera fomes Species at Three Saline Zones of the Sundarban Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh

Hasina Mariam, A. N. M. Alamgir
Micronutrient or essential heavy metals viz. Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) and Iron (Fe) distribution trend were studied at the age of 6, 9 and 30 months old Heritiera fomes seedlings at three distinct saline zones viz. Chandpai (Oligohaline), Jungra (Mesohaline) and Munshiganj (Polyhaline) of the Sundarban mangrove forest. Among the observed micronutrients, Fe content comparatively lower than Cu and Zn. Relatively higher Cu was found in the root of 6 month age Heritiera fomes seedlings grown at the Ch...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

Feb 18, 2020Open    Access

Effects of Salinity Level on Biochemical Constituents of Heretiera fomes Buch-Ham. and Excoecaria agallocha L. at the Three Saline Zones of the Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Hasina Mariam, A. N. M. Alamgir, Mohammad Mezan Ul Hoque
Biochemical constituents viz. protein and proline (Amino acid) content of early (6, 9 months) and grown-up ages (30 months) of Heritiera fomes Buch-Ham and Excoecaria agallocha L. seedlings were investigated at three saline zones viz. Chandpai (Oligohaline), Jungra (Mesohaline) and Munshiganj (Polihaline) of the Sundarban mangrove forest. In the leaf of early ages H. fomes showed comparatively higher protein content when grown in oligohaline zone but E. agalloc
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

Mar 12, 2019Open    Access

Effectiveness of Gully Erosion Control Measures in Edo State, Nigeria

Augustine Osayande, Williams W. Edobor, Sako Kato
The study examined the effectiveness of Gully Erosion Control Measures in Edo State, Nigeria. The objectives are to investigate erosion prone areas in Edo State; the measure(s) were adopted to control gully erosion in the area and the effectiveness of the adopted measures across the study area. The research adopted questionnaire administration and direct field observation as methodo-logical ap
Open Access Library J.   Vol.6, 2019

Oct 31, 2018Open    Access

Geotechnical Appraisal of Ile-Oluji Federal Polytechnic Using Geographical Information System (GIS)

Olumuyiwa Samson Aderinola, Ajibola Ibrahim Quadri
The use of Geographic Information System has been a good solution for database management due to the fact that Geographical information system has the ability to store, manipulate, analyze and display graphical in-formation that has been referenced to a location on the earth. With the aid of Geographic Information System, the research was able to produce a map showing the AASHTO soil classificatio
Open Access Library J.   Vol.5, 2018

Nov 17, 2017Open    Access

The Effect of Grassland Management History on Soil Carbon Response to Slurry and Urea

Junfang Cui, Nicholas M. Holden
Slurry and urea applications are part of normal nutrient management on grassland farms utilizing grazed grass and silage for animal production. It was hypothesized that management history would result in a different carbon response to slurry and urea applications for the same soil type because of differences in soil micro-environment, including microbial biomass and activity, are formed and regulated by long-term ma
Open Access Library J.   Vol.4, 2017

Sep 12, 2014Open    Access

Wetland an Economical Solution for Wastewater Rehabilitation

Mamdouh F. Abdel-Sabour
Wetland system relies on renewable energy sources such as solar and kinetic energy and wetland plants and micro-organisms, which are the active agents in the treatment process. Wetlands can remove inorganic nutrients, heavy metals, dissolved organic carbon, particulate organic matter, and suspended solids from the water column and sediments, as well as play a key role in supporting food webs and influencing global climate change through their role in methanogenesis. Using constructed wetla...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014


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