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Apr 15, 2020Open    AccessArticle

The Significance of an Unnoticed Theoretical Element

Eliahu Comay
Relativistic properties of a Lagrangian density are compared with those of a Hamiltonian density. It is proved that a Lagrangian density and a Hamiltonian density undergo different Lorentz transformations. This outcome is a theoretical element that has been unnoticed for a very long time. It is also proved that this theoretical element plays a crucial role in the structure of weak interactions theory. In particular, it is shown that the theory that uses this element is overwhelmingly superior ov...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Mar 05, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Analysis of the Motion of Frenkel-Kontorova Dislocations in Single Crystals of Aluminum with Allowance for the Peierls Barrier

Mileta Arakelyan
The regularities of the motion of a one-dimensional Frenkel-Kontorova dislocation in pure aluminum at helium temperatures are studied. Computer simulation was carried out using the sine Gordon equation, written in dimensionless variables. It is proven that when the transition to dimensionless variables the discreteness of the model is preserved. The dependence of the true values of stresses on
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Nov 22, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Bi-Stable Spiral Waves: Stepped Spiral Waves

Jian Gao, Qun Wang, Huaping Lv
A new type of bi-stable spiral waves called “stepped spiral waves”, is investigated in this study in an oscillatory medium exhibiting period-doubling bifurcations. Prior to the period-doubling bifurcation of this system, the stepped spiral waves are produced by an unwanted phase trajectory event; the loss of symmetry takes the form of synchronization defect lines, where the trajectory in the l
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017

Jun 20, 2017Open    AccessArticle

On the Extension of the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation to Galaxy Clusters and Super Massive-Cosmic Systems

Barbaro Quintero-Leyva
The Baryonic Tully-Fisher relation was extended to clusters hypothesizing that a0, the characteristic acceleration of the Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND), depends on the mass of the system. Circular speeds were calculated for systems with mass up to 1021 M
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017

Apr 26, 2017Open    AccessArticle

On the Characteristic Acceleration of MOND

Barbaro Quintero-Leyva
The impact of the geometry on the gravitational force field and the impact of the mass beyond the test particle location were assessed in the rotation curve calculation of a hypothetical thin disk galaxy using Newtonian and Mondian dynamics. An effective equation for the characteristic acceleration of MOND was obtained based on the Mestel’s finite disk by normalizing the line mass density to the total mass of the galaxy and
Open Access Library J. Vol.4, 2017

Dec 22, 2015Open    AccessArticle

On the Intrinsic Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury

Barbaro Quintero-Leyva
The longitude of the perihelion advance of Mercury was calculated for the two and ten-body problem by using a correction to the balance between the force given by the Newton 2nd law of motion and the Newton gravitational force. The corresponding system of differential equations was solved numerically. The correction, that expresses the apparent mass variation with the body speed, has a trend that is different from those that usually appear in the electron theory and in the special the...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Dec 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Waveguide Propagation in Extended Plates of Variable Thickness

Safarov Ismail Ibragimovich, Akhmedov Maqsud Sharipovich, Boltaev Zafar Ihterovich
In this paper we construct conjugate spectral problem and the conditions of biorthogonality for distribution in extended plates of variable thickness of the problem considered. It describes the procedure of solving problems and a numerical result is on wave propagation in an infinitely large plate of variable thickness. Viscous properties of the material are taken into account by means of an integral operator Voltaire. Research is conducted in the framework of the spatial theory of visco elastic...
Open Access Library J. Vol.1, 2014

Sep 11, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Manufacturing Technique and Properties of Condensed Copper-Carbon Composite Materials for Sliding Electrical Contacts

Nikolay Grechanyuk, Rimma Minakova, Viktor Bukhanovsky, Nikolay Rudnitsky
The production technology, structure, electrical conductivity, coefficient of friction, hardness, strength, and plasticity over a temperature range of 290 - 870 K of laminated copper-carbonic composites for sliding electrical contacts of current-collecting devices obtained by electron-beam evaporation and vapor condensation are studied.
Open Access Library J. Vol.1, 2014


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