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Effect of Porosity on the Laminar Condensation Type Thin Film on a Vertical Wall in Forced Convection

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1108828, PP. 1-13

Subject Areas: Fluid Mechanics, Modern Physics, Mechanics

Keywords: Condensation, Porosity, Forced Convection, Vertical Wall, Nusselt Number

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Studies concerning induced heat transfer by the condensation in forced convection of a thin film of a saturated vapor in medium porous, have received particular attention because of their numerous applications in various fields of technology. Thus, the presence of a layer of porous material on a plane wall generates an increase in heat transfer compared with that observed for a flat plate, subject to the same aeraulic and thermal conditions. This prompted us, given the large field of applications, to develop this research theme. It is therefore a question of studying the influence of the parameters governing the problem and the results that we would obtain allowing us to better quantify their effects and their importance in the thin-film flows. But unlike other authors and given the ranges of the chosen parameters, we retain a modified Wooding formulation in which the diffusion effects of the fluid are taken into account with an equally effective viscosity to the viscosity of the fluid. The advective term is maintained in the conservation equation of the momentum because one of our motivations is to study transfers and flow structures in a medium saturated by a binary fluid and entirely or partially porous. In this paper, the author has highlighted the effect of porosity on the velocity, temperature, the adimensionless thickness of the liquid film and the Nusselt number. The results of this study show that: the reduced porosity causes an increase in velocity, the adimensionless thickness of the liquid film and the Nusselt number. She (porosity) does not affect the variation of the adimensionless longitudinal temperature.

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Ndiaye, M. , Sène, M. , Ndiaye, G. and Mané, M. S. (2022). Effect of Porosity on the Laminar Condensation Type Thin Film on a Vertical Wall in Forced Convection. Open Access Library Journal, 9, e8828. doi:


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