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Jun 28, 2024Open    Access

Radio Protection Measures in Endodontics: Survey among Dentists in Casablanca

Sara Dhoum,Radia Skalli,Kenza Benzidouh,Zineb El Hajjioui,Mouna Hamza,Hafsa El Merini
Introduction: Imaging is an essential tool for good endodontic practice. It participates in the diagnosis and control of the different phases of treatment. However, it should not be forgotten that it is indeed an examination involving ionizing radiation, which can have harmful effects on the patient’s health as well as the practitioner’s and his paramedical staff if the exposure times are long or repeated. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the knowledge and practices o...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Mar 29, 2024Open    Access

Easing the Stress and Challenges in Conventional Pediatric Plain X-ray Imaging in Ghana

Asare Adomako,Esther Boatemaa Adom,Maurice Sasil Ninsau
Background: Pediatric imaging in Ghana remains one of the biggest challenges for radiographers. The stress and challenges involved in the imaging of pediatric patients make it one of the unattractive areas for radiographers in the profession. Sedation has been one of the most resorted ways to minimize the anxiety and fear of pediatric patients usually undergoing CT and MRI. The challenge remains in the field of plain X-ray imaging. This literature review addresses the various ch...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Mar 01, 2024Open    Access

Correlation of High-Resolution Ultrasonography and Conventional Radiography in the Evaluation of Heel Pain at Kenyatta National Hospital

Suhaila Salim Abeid,Gladys Nthambi Mwango,Callen Kwamboka Onyambu
Background: The recent improvements in ultrasound technology coupled with wide availability, safety, portability, cost-effectiveness, non-ionizing with high spatial resolution renders it the initial choice of imaging for the evaluation of most musculoskeletal diseases. Ultrasound is a particularly useful tool to quickly and accurately localize and characterize pathologies of the sole. Heel pain is a common presenting complaint and affects a wide range of the adult population. Pl...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Nov 15, 2023Open    Access

Recurrent Thymoma with Lung, Pleural, and Splenic Metastases Demonstrated on F-18 FDG PET/CT

Deverly Tumapon, E. Edmund Kim
Thymomas are rare, slow-growing, and less aggressive anterior mediastinal tumors of epithelial origin. Its propensity for extra-thoracic spread is uncommon. Regional assessment by chest CT-scan has been the imaging modality of choice for disease staging and restaging. However, there are reported cases of hematogenous metastases to the brain, liver, pancreas, and kidneys but very rarely to the spleen. We reported a case of recurrent thymoma with metastases to the lung, pleura, and spleen. F-18 FD...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Sep 26, 2023Open    Access

Clinical, Laboratory and Ultrasound Profile of Patients with Thyroid Nodules in Kinshasa

Jacques Mbizi Kumbu, Aliocha Natuhoyila Nkodila, Jules Nakafwako Kuzeye, Serge Fueza Bisuta, Dédé Tshitemb Matanda, Jacquie Bonsuani Lessenge, Jacques Aimé Bangudi Bazeboso, Erick Matondo Matondo, Raoul Vindu Makelele, Oscar Eputa Mokambo, Honoré Yambula Kiabaka, E. Sangwa Muyumba, Augustin Mutsunga Kasereka, Christophe Mulondwa Kimona, Franck Ngoange Kasereka, Florent Zola Kiazayawoko, Cynthia Bokumba Minouche, Michel Tshikwela Lelo, Antoine Molua, Jean Tshibola Mukaya
Background: Thyroid nodule is a common disorder normally detected by ultrasound. However, little is known about the prevalence of thyroid nodules in the population of Kinshasa. The objective of this study is to determine the ultrasound profile of thyroid nodules and its characteristics in patients followed in Kinshasa hospitals. Methods: This is a descriptive and cross-sectional study, based on the medical records of patients who have been operated on in hospitals in Kinshasa. All participants u...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Aug 07, 2023Open    Access

Balint Syndrome Revealing a Primary Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma of the Central Nervous System

Yahya Naji, Mohamed Mahdaoui, Najib Kissani
Balint’s syndrome is a rare neurological disorder, characterized by simultanagnosia, ocular apraxia and optic ataxia. The lesion is usually inside the parietooccipital region bilaterally in most cases. We report a 51-year-old man presenting a primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma revealed by Balint syndrome. The patient showed improvement in the first month after the start of chemotherapy.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

May 17, 2023Open    Access

Clinical and Radiological Particularities of COPD during Aging: Cross-Sectional Study Conducted in 3 Hospitals in Kinshasa

Fiston Fiondo Dikamba, Aliocha Nkodila Natuhoyila, Stanis Okitotsho Wembonyama, Zacharie Kibendelwa Tsongo, Jean Tshibola Mukaya, Benjamin Longo Mbenza
Background and Objective: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is announced as the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. Chest imaging plays an important guiding role. The objective of our study is to specify the clinical and functional respiratory characteristics of very old COPD patients followed in 3 hospitals in Kinshasa. Material and Methods: Documentary and analytical study were conducted using clinical data and chest imaging (radiography and computed tomography), collect...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Apr 21, 2023Open    Access

Effect of Bile Duct Flushing on Reducing the Residue of Common Bile Duct Stones

Liang Ye, Yunze Li, Huaiyang Cai
Background: Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a common procedure for common bile duct (CBD) stones, because it is known to cause residual stones. Although saline irrigation has been used to reduce residual CBD stones after ERCP, the relevant evidence on the effectiveness of irrigation volume is still unclear. Methods: This prospective trial study was performed at the Department of Gastroenterology, Liuzhou People Hospital affiliated Guangxi Medical University between 2017 ...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Mar 15, 2023Open    Access

Estimation of Radiation Dose in CT Chest and Abdomen Examinations Using Size-Specific Dose Estimates

Abdulrahman Amer, Wafaa Ahmed, Abdulaziz Hussein, Aman Mehta, Ahmed Khalif, Mohammed Abdullah
Objective: This is a retrospective and cross-sectional-analytical design study aimed to estimate the radiation exposure dose for adult patients undergoing chest and abdomen CT examinations at Khartoum state hospitals. Material and Methods: Using Size-Specific Dose Estimates (SSDEs) to investigate the effect of body dimensions (Deff) on SSDE calculated from transverse or scout CT images. Scan parameters were collected for 330 adult patients with 165 chests and 165 abdomens for 161 f...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Jun 29, 2022Open    Access

Level of Observation of Radiation Protection Rules by Radiology Staff of Hospitals in the City of Mbujimayi

Kanyinda Bukasa Jérémie, Kabantu Mpembu Francklin, Tshiminyi Bayamba, Ciala Ciminyi Nancy, Tshimanga Kabengele Papy, Kalala Tshimbadi Alain, Nzembela Tshimpanga Sonny, Lusamba Muamba Lyly, Katende Katshiayi Théodore, Kabeya Kalala Georges, Ilunga Kalombo Patrick, Ciamala Mukendi Paul, Kabunda Kabunda Dédé, Kamwema Shamuana Roger, Tshila Kamanji Alex, Beya Beya Laurent Blaise, Mutombo Mukuta Erick
Purpose and Objectives: As any health study generally aims to contribute to the improvement of the state of the health of the population, this one tries to respond from a particular angle to the improvement of the health of the personnel of the health sector. Radiology by combating the risks is associated with X-rays (RX). So this study aims to help promote greater safety in the use of X-rays in hospitals in the city of Mbujimayi while highlighting the shortcomings in terms of radiation protecti...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022


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