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Mar 05, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Comparative Studies on the Effects of High Sound Levels on the Haematological Parameters and Antioxidant Levels of Wistar Albino Rats

Chinedu P. Nwuke, Ibeh Bartholomew, Chibuike Daniel Peter
This is a detailed experimental and comparative study evaluating the harmful effects of graded loud noise on hematological and antioxidant in Wistar albino rats. Wistar albino rats were divided into a control group (those kept away from the noise due to a generator set), groups 1 (exposed to varied, 85 - 105 db levels of loud noise from a generator) and groups 2 (exposed to less, 40 - 55 db levels of loud noise from generator set) and exposed to way off fumes from electrical generator sounds at ...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Jun 05, 2019Open    AccessArticle

The Influence of Psychotropic Drugs on Investor Overconfidence

Marcia Zindel, Gabriel Ribeiro, Carlos H. Rocha, Sergio Da Silva
We study the effects of the self-reported intake of stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens on investor overconfidence. A total of 105 investors participated. We find that the frequency of drug use did not affect overcon-fidence. However, overconfidence was correlated with the use of psycho-tropic drugs in our sample; regardless of type, we find a positive correlation of 15 percent. Correlation of investor overconfidence with st
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Mar 08, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in Rural New Hampshire

Donna Driscoll
Drug addiction is a problem in all areas of the United States. In every town and city you can probably find a certain population with this issue. Drug abuse and heroin overdoses have hit our small New England community hard in the past five years. Working in the Emergency Department I see many people with drug addiction. This issue affects the addicts as well as their family and friends in numerous ways. Ad
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Jan 16, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor—Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide

Roberto Galea, David Cassar
Objectives: The aims and objectives of this systematic review are to inves-tigate the different theories underlining major depression and suicide while exploring the correlation between BDNF, major depression and suicide. Method: Literature was researched through the University of Malta research platform and statistical reports published by the Maltese National Statistics Office, Eurostat and World Health Org
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Feb 27, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Study on the Interactions of Two Isomer Selaginellins as Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting PTP1B by Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Li Wang, Yi Wang, Dan Meng, Honglei Li
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) plays a key role in down-regulation of insulin and leptin signaling pathways. Therefore, development of novel inhibitors of PTP1B has becoming research focus in reducing blood sugar levels for Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity. Hence, we selected two isomer Selaginellins (1 and 2) to explain and analyze the binding mechanism of the two potential inhibitors against the PTP1B by molecule docking a
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Nov 13, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Application of Neural Network to Medicine

Bahman Mashood, Greg Milbank
In this article we are going to introduce certain applications of the theory of neural network to medicine. In particular suppose for a given disease D, belonging to the category of immune deficiency diseases or cancers, there are numbers of drugs each with partial remedial effect on D. We are going to formulate a cocktail consisting of mixture of the above drugs with optimal remedial effect on D.
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Oct 19, 2015Open    AccessArticle

The Effects of Life Line Facial Cream/Periobitum Serum and Micro-Needling of Photodamaged Skin: A Split-Face Randomized Study

Gordon H. Sasaki
Background: Human growth factors serve as secretomes that regulate skin cell proliferation/differentiation and production of extracellular elements of the matrix and treat photo-aging. Microneedling of skin can also improve aging skin by facilitating normal wound healing of the temporary dermal conduits for therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Objectives: This open, randomized split-face and single-center controlled study evaluated the safety and efficacy of the application of a cosmeceutical form...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Apr 29, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Micronization of Cetirizine Using Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Ali Zeinolabedini Hezave, Mostafa Lashkarbolooki, Feridun Esmaeilzadeh
During the past decades, producing micro- and nano-particles of drugs is gaining attention since it is possible to modify the solubility of insoluble drugs in the gastronical fluids significantly. Respect to this fact, in the current investigation, rapid expansion of supercritical carbon dioxide (RESS) for fabricating the micro-particles of cetirizine is investigated. In this way, different operational conditions including extraction pressure (160 - 220 bar), extraction temperature (308 - 328 K)...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Jan 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Comprehention of Coils Overlappings Effects —Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Mohammadreza Shiravi Khoozani, Homayoun Meshgin Kelk, Abolfazl Shiravi Khoozani
A typical medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) contains a Local transmit/receive coil. Magnetic coil design is very important in study of the human brain and for neurological therapeutics technique. Precise spatial localization of stimulation sites is the key of efficient functional magnetic stimulations. Others have examined this issue at radio frequencies. This paper develops circular coils, figure-of-8 coils and coil array elements in order to realize a transcranial magnetic stimulator, a...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Jan 22, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Access to Essential Medicines in Primary Health Care Units of South Wollo Zone, Ethiopia

Mohammed Hussien, Fikru Tafese
Background: Lack of access to essential medicines is one of the most important public health problems in Ethiopia. The objective of this study was to verify availability, affordability and prices of essential medicines in primary health care units and private medicine outlets of South Wollo Zone. Methods: A facility-based cross-sectional study was undertaken in 10 primary health care units and 10 private medicine outlets. Data were collected through patient exit interview, record review, observa...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015


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