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Jul 10, 2024Open    Access

Development of a Conceptual Model for Ensuring Cyber-Resilience of Software Systems

Shafagat Mahmudova
Cyber-resilience of software systems is the ability to prevent, resist, and recover from adverse incidents using IT resources. Infrastructure can be extended through cyber-resilience. In this case, the problems can be solved in a short time. In this study, some methods of ensuring the cyber-resistance of the software system are explored. The role, type, and characteristics of cyber-resilience for the software system are also examined in the work. Ways to implement Cyber-resilience measures for c...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Jan 08, 2020Open    Access

Static IR Drop Estimation on the Power Network

S. S. Abazyan, N. E. Mamikonyan
This paper presents a power consumption estimation algorithm for static analysis. IR drop is being calculated for each separated node, which makes this algorithm favorable for IR drop calculation on infinite power network. The power consumption is being calculated using random walk algorithm, which includes Monte Carlo simulation method for increasing accuracy of estimation. For power mesh with 150 k power nodes, total IR drop cal
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

May 31, 2018Open    Access

Gas Condensate Wells Simulation to Optimize Well Flow Performance Using Tubing Equations Coupled with Inflow-Performance-Relation (IPR) Curve

Ahmadreza Ejraei Bakyani, Alireza Rasti, Sajjad Qazvini, Feridun Esmaeilzadeh
Wells performance is evaluated by IPR curves that show the relationship between bottomhole pressure and inflow rate. This curve and its outcome equation can be applied for production schedule and maintenance management of well and reservoir. But, the measuring of bottomhole pressure to approach these curves needs much time and high expenses and also running special tools in wells. In these operations, the probability of catastroph
Open Access Library J.   Vol.5, 2018

Jun 16, 2015Open    Access

Tool Proposal for Software Process Assessment Using ISO/IEC 15504

Marcelo Pérez Ramos, Margarita Mondragón Arellano, César Velázquez Amador
In these days, there exist some maturity & capability models, standard methodologies and guidelines to help organizations to improve their processes and the way they work. In software area, there are Software Process Assessment Models like ISO/IEC 15504. This model provides guidance for assessing the organization’s capacity about software development and his maturity on implemented processes. Software Process Assessment models don’t provide systematic metrics for assessing the Software Proce...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.2, 2015

Jun 25, 2014Open    Access

Evaluation of Interfacial Tension by Image Processing of the Shape Drops

Yousef Kazemzadeh, Saeed Sourani, Mahshid Reyhani, Ali Shabani, Elahe Maghami

An interface of fluid phases is created by unbalanced molecular attracting and repulsive force. Evaluating the gas-liquid interfacial tension is very important and major interest in injection processes. The interfacial tension between gas and liquid phases can be measured by different methods in the reservoir and surface condition. VIT (vanishing interfacial tension technique) is a laboratory method that calculates interfacial tension for mixture of oil-

Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014


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