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Development of a Conceptual Model for Ensuring Cyber-Resilience of Software Systems

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1111787, PP. 1-9

Subject Areas: Software Engineering

Keywords: Cyber-Resilience, Software System, Cyber-Security, Information Technology, Model

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Cyber-resilience of software systems is the ability to prevent, resist, and recover from adverse incidents using IT resources. Infrastructure can be extended through cyber-resilience. In this case, the problems can be solved in a short time. In this study, some methods of ensuring the cyber-resistance of the software system are explored. The role, type, and characteristics of cyber-resilience for the software system are also examined in the work. Ways to implement Cyber-resilience measures for cyber security and information technology are analyzed. The paper also outlines the ways to enhance cyber-resilience through smart threat operations. Cyber security possibilities and the ways to solve the problems encountered are highlighted. A new model is developed to ensure the cyber-resilience of the software system used.

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Mahmudova, S. (2024). Development of a Conceptual Model for Ensuring Cyber-Resilience of Software Systems. Open Access Library Journal, 11, e1787. doi:


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