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Willful Blindness and Dishonesty

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105953, PP. 1-6

Subject Areas: Behavioral Economics

Keywords: Willful Blindness, Honesty, Die-in-a-Cup Task, Intrinsic Honesty, Perceived Honesty

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Willful blindness refers to situations where people choose not to look or not to question. We investigate the relationship between willful blindness and honesty using a sample of random participants to respond to two questionnaires. We contrast the responses reported with the intrinsic dis-honesty of the group (the extent to which people lie when they are assured they cannot be caught). To measure intrinsic honesty, we conduct a die-in-a-cup task. Then, we build indices of perceived honesty and willful blindness that take into account intrinsic honesty. After comparing the in-dices, we find an inverse correlation between willful blindness and honesty. Thus, our sample suggests we cannot dismiss that those who exhibit more willful blindness are also more dishonest.

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Silva, S. D. , Matsushita, R. and Goncalves, T. (2019). Willful Blindness and Dishonesty. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5953. doi:


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