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Cefuroxime-Induced Hepatocellular-Cholestatic Hepatitis with Pancytopenia

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105036, PP. 1-7

Subject Areas: Microbiology

Keywords: Cefuroxime, Hepatocellular-Cholestatic Hepatitis, Pancytopenia, Differential Diagnoses

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Drug-induced liver injury is a rare event. We report on a 15-year old girl de-veloping jaundice and a maculopapular rash with pruritus after oral cefuroxime therapy. Liver enzymes as well as total bilirubin and direct bilirubin were elevated. After eliminating other causes of hepatitis, cefuroxime-induced hepatocellular-cholestatic hepatitis with pancytopenia was diagnosed and cefuroxime therapy was stopped. The patient recovered quickly and was discharged without complications. The prognosis of this side-effect of cefuroxime is generally favourable; lethal courses are rare.

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Kunze, W. , Streidl, J. , Klemm, T. and Lutze, J. (2019). Cefuroxime-Induced Hepatocellular-Cholestatic Hepatitis with Pancytopenia. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5036. doi:


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