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Apr 11, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Different Inducer on the Accumulation of Essential Oil from Endophytic Fungi of Cinnamomum longepaniculatum

Kuan Yan, Ping Yuan, Qin Wei
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different inducer on the accumulation of essential oil in C. longepaniculatum endophytic fungus. The effect of the essential oil accumulation in the C. longepaniculatum fungus was studied by adding different inducer with an C. longepaniculatum endophytic fungus (serial number 2J1) with the ability of producing essential oil. The results sh

Dec 21, 2018Open    AccessArticle

DNA Fingerprinting and Assessment of Genetic Diversity among 22 Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] Varieties Grown in Ghana

Benjamin A. Danso, Daniel K. Dzidzienyo, Ruth N. A. Prempeh, Marian D. Quain
Identification of varieties based on only morphological traits is limited by the influence of environment on such morphological traits. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) fingerprinting offers an efficient system of identifying varieties at the DNA level without any environmental interference. This work used 20 Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers to characterise twenty-two cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] varieties for the purposes

Nov 26, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Microarray Meta Analysis of BRCA1 Mutated Genes Involved in Breast Cancer

Veerabhadrappa Kubsad Sukanya, Prashantha Nagaraja, Sumathra Manokaran, Aall Hanumanthareddy Manjunatha Reddy, Pallavi Surana
Women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are at increased risk of breast cancer, compared with women who don’t carry the mutation in familial and somatic condition is remains challenge. The aim of this work is to identify differentially expressed gene patterns related with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations that significantly expressed in breast cancer drug targets. We have developed microarray meta-analysis to predict differential g

May 24, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Separation and Purification of Ursolic Acid from Cynomorium songaricum Exacts with Macroporous Resins

Xifeng Zhang, Wangxu Hou, Xue Zheng
Enrichment and purification of ursolic acid from Cynomorium songaricum exacts were studied using five macroporous resins. The static tests indicated that D101 resin was appropriate and its adsorption data were well fitted to the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. To optimize the separation process, dynamic adsorption and desorption tests were carried out. The op

Mar 12, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Different Protocols of Physical Training: Effect on Markers of Oxidative Stress in Erythrocytes in Rats

Marcelo Costa-Junior, Wener Barbosa-Resende, Michel Barbosa de Araújo, Rodrigo Augusto Dalia, Leandro Pereira de Moura, Luciana Alves de Medeiros, Lucas Moreira Cunha, Eliete Luciano
The imbalance between oxidant molecules and antioxidant agents is characterized as oxidative stress (OS) and may lead to severe damage to the organism. In contrast, the physical training of aerobic and resistive character promotes increases of the antioxidant response, resulting in a balance and/or minimizing damage. Therefore, the objective of the study is to verify the effect of aerobic training, resistive training and concurren

Jun 08, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Physicochemical Properties of Edible Seed Hemicelluloses

Felipe Domingos de Sousa, Marjory Lima Holanda-Araújo, José Roberto Rodrigues de Souza, Rafael de Souza Miranda, Rafael Raimundo Almeida, Eneas Gomes-Filho, Nágila Maria Pontes-Ricardo, Ana Cristina Oliveira Monteiro-Moreira, Renato de Azevedo Moreira
In this work, galactomannans and xyloglucans were isolated from the seed endosperm and cotyledon of Brazilian non-conventional sources, respectively. Extraction yields, monosaccharide ratios, macromolecular parameters and molar mass distributions were determined and compared to commercial guar gum and Locust Bean Gum (LBG). The extraction yield in relation to seed mass ranged from 7.0% to 40.63%, with xyloglucan yields being highe

Apr 27, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Biotransformation of Ephedrine by Whole Cells of Cunnighamella elegans

Rosana Fernanda Hochmüller Fogaca, Vanessa Zafaneli Bergamo, Amanda Zamboni, Monique dos Reis, Bruna Tassi Borile, Maíra Kerpel dos Santos, Adelina Mezzari, Renata Pereira Limberger
Ephedrine biotransformation reactions were performed using strain Cunninghamella elegans in order to obtain products similar to human metabolism products. The choice of strains used was based on previous literature review which identified the species Cunninghamella

Jun 13, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Applications of Nanotechnology in Reconstructive Surgery

Timothy Varghese
The objective of this review was to critically present and evaluate recent investigations into nanotechnology and it’s applications in reconstructive surgery. In addition, this review aims to looks at a plethora of applications with nanotechnology in the subject area of reconstructive surgery. The Medline and PubMed databases were searched for clinical trial and case report publications dealing with reconstructive surgeries involv

Dec 30, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Enhancement of Artemisinin in Artemisia annua L. through Induced Mutation

Mutai Raymond, Kinyua Miriam, Kiplagat Oliver, Mutai Edwin, Kimno Stephen
Artemisia annua is the source of artemisinin, an antimalarial drug which is effective against multidrug-resistant strains of plasmodium, the malarial parasite. Malaria has serious effects on morbidity and mortality thus negatively impacting on agricultural production and food security. Although artemisinin has been found to be a useful medicine; its production is very low in comparison with what is actually needed to treat the worldwide threat of malaria. On the other hand, the lower cont...

Nov 17, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Petroleum: From Basic Features to Hydrocarbons Bioremediation in Oceans

Edmo M. Rodrigues, Marcos R. Tótola
This review provides a general overview of petroleum characteristics and bioremediation strategies applications in oceanic environments contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons during exploration and transportation processes offshore. The vast oil reserves in the offshore fields have been explored for the production of light and heavy oil. The hydrocarbons exhibit very different physicochemical characteristics including those of hydrophobicity, molecular weight, melting and boiling points, toxic...