About OALib

Open Access Library (www.oalib.com) is an academic search engine and publisher. You can download research papers for free and submit your paper to it. It is a shared academic database. It is a handy tool which helps researchers performing their research and helps students with their studies.

In the past researchers had to spend a lot of money on purchasing papers. Google Scholar changed this situation a little bit. However most of the papers listed in the search result are not free to access.

Open Access Library (OALib) has been changing it. Papers published or indexed by OALib are made freely accessible by scholars all over the world. It helped a lot to the researchers in the developing countries or those who have not enough funding to pay for reading papers.

OALib has indexed over 2,000,000 open access papers till now. You can easily find and download papers you need by its advanced searching engine. It also has a very easy flow to submit a paper and make it accessible widely.

Thanks to Open Access, research and studies have become easier and more fun.

Our Mission

Open Access Library (OALib) intends to provide scholars all over the world with a handy tool. It is a world wide database which contains an increasing number of OA papers. Scholars can search papers, submit papers, and recommend papers. OALib has been evolving. Its founders never stopped improving it to support scientific research.

Contact us

For submission inquiries, please contact service@oalib.com

For Open Access Library indexing service, please contact index@oalib.com