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Apr 28, 2023Open    Access

Ultraviolet Light (UV)-Induced Photocatalytic Degradation of Diclofenac Using Naturally Derived TiO2@rGO Composite

Lorenz E. Borromeo, Lea P. Bongat, John Patrick S. Nunez, Kirby F. Mendioro, Jocelyn R. Balisnomo
Diclofenac (DCF) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to relieve pain in joint-related diseases. It is not completely metabolized after consumption and cannot be easily removed using conventional wastewater treatment. DCF has been detected in water bodies and may pose chronic effects on the endocrines of living organisms even at low-level exposure. Heterogeneous photocatalysis provides an alternative and efficient method of degrading DCF. In this study, the photocatalytic remov...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Dec 27, 2022Open    Access

Utilisation of Carbon Capture and Mineralisation Products: Considering Monohydrocalcite as a Potential Functional Filler

Roneta Chaliulina
Calcium carbonates, ground and precipitated, have an established role in material engineering where they serve as fillers and pigments. In this study monohydrocalcite (MHC) was produced from artificial industrial waste brines as a means of sequestering CO2, and assessed as a potential functional filler, where its properties were compared with other minerals used in the industry. The results from the morphological analysis which compared MHC with the shapes and sizes of filler crystall...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Feb 09, 2015Open    Access

Magnetic, Electrical and Magnetotransport Properties of Mg(Fe0.8Ga0.2)2O4 δ Obtained by Pyrohtdrolitic Method

A. V. Trukhanov, S. V. Trukhanov, O. P. Smirnov, A. A. Kulikov, H. Szymczak
The magnetic, electrical and magnetotransport properties of spinel-type Mg(Fe0.8Ga0.2)2O4 δ ceramic ferrites have been investigated. The results of the investigations temperature and field dependences of magnetization and resistivity are presented and analyzed. The data of neutron scattering were found to be in good agreement with the Neel model of ferrimagnetism. This compound is magnetomonophase ferrimagnetic in the wide range of temperatures,...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.2, 2015

Oct 22, 2014Open    Access

Effect of Grinding Time of Mill Scale on the Physicochemical Properties of Produced Briquettes and Its Reduction via Hydrogen

Naglaa Ahmed El-Hussiny, Hassan Hussein Abdul-Wahab, Mohamed Mahmoud Ali, Abdud-Lattif Abdel-Motagally Omar, Mohamed El-Menshawi Hussien Shalabi, Mohamed Reda Moharm
This study deals with the grinding of mill scale in a laboratory ball mill for different milling time then briquetted by using 2% molasses as a binder and investigates the effect of grinding of mill scale for different time on the physicochemical properties and the reduction degree of the mill scale briquettes via hydrogen. Diffusion process control equation was applied and the energy of activation was calculated = 28.33 kJ/mole.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014

Sep 10, 2014Open    Access

Fire Resistant K-Based Metakaolin Geopolymer for Passive Fire Protection of Concrete Tunnel Linings

Konstantinos Sakkas, Stergiani Kapelari, Dimitrios Panias, Pavlos Nomikos, Alexandros Sofianos
A fire resistant metakaolin geopolymer is developed and its performance under thermal loading is examined in this paper. The geopolymer was prepared by mixing metakaolin, doped with solid SiO2, with a highly alkaline potassium hydroxide aqueous phase in order to create a paste that was subsequently cured at 70℃ for a certain period of time. The addition of solid SiO2 was important in order the geopolymer developed to be fire resistant for temperatures up to 1350℃. The mecha...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014

Sep 10, 2014Open    Access

Simple UV Spectrophotometric Assay of Metronidazole

Safila Naveed, Fatima Qamar
Metronidazole is a derivative of benzimidazole. It is being used widely for the treatment of amoebiasis. An efficient, simple and least time consuming spectrophotometric method for the assay of metronidazole has been developed. Comparison of assay of three different brands of metroni-da- zole has also been available in public medical stores of Karachi, Pakistan. The assay is based on the ultraviolet UV absorbance maxima at about 340 nm wavelength of metronidazole using water as solvent. A sample...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014

Aug 12, 2014Open    Access

Kinetics of Direct Reduction Titanomagnetite Briquette Produced from Rossetta-Ilmenite via Hydrogen

Naglaa Ahmed El-Hussiny, Atef El-Amir, Saied Thabet Abdel-Rahim, Khaled El hossiny, Mohamed El-Menshawi Hussein Shalabi

Reduction kinetics of titanomagnetite concentrate briquettes produced from Rossetta-llmenite ore via 1.5 liter/min hydrogen flow rate were investigated at different temperatures ranging from 600℃ to 950℃. It was found that the best reduction properties were found at 950℃, so the kinetic models shown by the briquettes at this temperature maybe: Diffusion control or Diffusion through ash layer (crank-cins

Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014

Jun 26, 2014Open    Access

Developing the Learning Outcomes of the Students through Microscale Experiments in Chemistry

Agnes R. Pesimo

The study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the designed microscale experiments in developing the learning outcomes of the students along the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. It was meant to describe and compare the learning outcomes of the students who were exposed and not exposed to microscale experiments and identified the learning experiences of the students exposed to the microscale experiments. The study used the pretest a

Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014

Jun 16, 2014Open    Access

The DQF-COSY NMR Experiment, a Way to Detect Small J Couplings in the Case of Fast Relaxing Nuclei: Application to 59Co in the Tetrahedral Mixed-Metal Cluster HRuCo3(CO)11(PPh3)

Jacky Rosé,Pierre Kempgens
The first investigation and analysis of 59Co 2D NMR homonuclear chemical shift correlation spectra for a ruthenium-based tetrahedral mixed-metal cluster HRuCo3(CO)11(PPh3) are reported. For this cluster in solution and by contrast to the conventional COSY NMR experiment, the double-quantum filtered (DQF) COSY NMR spectrum proves the existence of a scalar coupling constant between 59Co nuclei. In order to obtain a value of this coupling, the 2D COSY spectrum for a three-spin 7/2 AX2 system has be...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014

Jun 03, 2014Open    Access

Density Functional Theory Studies of Structural Properties and Natural Bond Orbital for a New Silver Halo Compound

Shahriar Ghamami,Amir Lashgari
In this theoretical study we used density functional theory to calculate the molecular structures of Silver Halo compound, AgF3. The molecular geometry, vibrational frequencies, energies and natural bond orbital (NBO) in the ground state are calculated by using the DFT (B3LYP) methods with LANL2DZ. The T.S guesses were generated by the linear synchronous transit method, at the DFT implemented on Gaussian 98 program. The geometries and normal modes of vibrations obtained from B3LYP calculations a...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.1, 2014


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