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Apr 20, 2021Open    AccessArticle

LIS Research Hotspots and Development Trends in Recent Years—Analysis Based on Altmetrics Indicators

Xiaoqing Xia, Xiaotao Li
This paper identifies the hot areas of LIS research and discovers the development trend of library intelligence by establishing a comprehensive influence system in the field of LIS and finally, the scientific knowledge mapping software was used to analyze the literature on library science and information science in the SSCI database. Finally, the research hotspots in the field of graphic information were identified, and the development trend of library and information science was found to provid...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Feb 24, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Electronic Records Adoption in Archive Management in Djibouti’s Academic Libraries: Barriers and the Role of Knowledge Sharing

Nimaleh Abdi Kabel, Jinyuan Zhou, Isidore Komla Zotoo, Wencheng Su
Quality library service depends partially on librarian capability and the adoption and use of technologies that enhance productivity. The perceived adoption and use (PAU) of electronic records management (ERM) in archiving were investigated in four academic libraries in Djibouti. The effects of capability of Librarians to use ERM (CAP) on knowledge sharing (KS), the effects of CAP on PAU, and the mediation potential of KS on the relationship between CAP and PAU were studied using structural equa...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Aug 24, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Beijing Academic Library & Information System

Lei Yi
The Beijing Academic Library & Information System (BALIS) is the largest regional university library alliance (RULA) in Beijing, which has 90 member libraries, covering almost all university libraries (UL) in Beijing. It was founded in 2007, through more than ten years of development, which has formed a certain business scale. Its services mainly cover six aspects: document delivery (DD), interlibrary loan (ILL), group procurement, joint consulting, business training and technical support. BALIS...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Aug 24, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on China Academic Library & Information System

Lei Yi
China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS) is the world’s largest university library consortium, which is responsible for resource coordination and joint construction, document information sharing services, and staff training, application system construction, etc. It uses cloud computing (CC) technology to build a platform for cloud services and sharing, which is a model for the development of China’s university library alliances (CULA) in the past 30 years, and has played an important ...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Aug 21, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Development of China University Library Alliances

Lei Yi
With the continuous development of information technology, the university library alliances (ULA) have gradually changed from “entity alliance” in the last century to the “entity body combined with digitizing brain” in the present. In the near future, smart libraries (SL) and cloud service platforms (CSP) will be the real protagonists of the library alliances. In this process, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing (CC) technology will become an important trend. The continuo...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Aug 20, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on the University Library Alliance of China

Yi Lei
With the development of China’s society and economy, especially entering the 21st century, the Chinese university library alliances (CULA) have made great progress, not only have built the China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS), China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities Library (CASHL) such as national alliance organizations, but large-scale regional alliances in various provinces have also been established, and “Opening-up, Co-construction and Sharing” (OCS) has become the stro...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jul 23, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Library Users’ Information Retrieval Behaviour: From a Bibliometric Perspective

Wencheng Su, Yinglin Sun
This paper presents an international literature review on the hot topic of library users’ information retrieval behaviour in recent years. Through the usage of bibliometric content analysis and social network analysis methods, the paper finishes the work of data cleaning and integration, referring to the quantitative analysis of results produced by CiteSpace, a literature citation visualization analysis software, to summarize the main branches and focuses of this area. The researchers find that ...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Apr 01, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Information Dynamics of Undergraduate Students in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Nation

Sajjad ur Rehman, Ahmad M. AlKandari
The purpose of this study is to examine the information dynamics of undergraduate students studying in higher education institutions in one of the GCC nations-Kuwait University. This study will help instructors and librarians to understand the challenges that students face when seeking information. This study can help in designing instructional information literacy programs that target student’s needs. Also, it can help improve systems and services at educational institutions. A survey was used ...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Feb 27, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Determinants of Undergraduate Students’ Attitude and Perception towards the Use of Electronic Information Resources (EIRs) among Undergraduate Students in Selected Universities in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Oluwayemi Ibukun Oluwa Olatoye, Fhulu Nekhwevha, Ndakasharwa Muchaonyerwa
This study sought to investigate the attitudinal behavior and perceptions of undergraduate students in University of Fort Hare and Rhodes, towards their utilization of e-information resources (EIRs). The essence was to ascertain whether their attitude and perception have a positive or negative impact on e-resource use in selected universities in Eastern Cape, South Africa. The purposive and proportionate stratified random sampling techniques were employed in se
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jan 14, 2020Open    AccessArticle

The Evolution of “Rumor”

Jing Qin
Rumor is a social phenomenon and its true colors are similar to those of “folk commentaries”, including “folk songs”, “nursery rhymes”, “folk cus-toms”, “ballads”, “new rhymes”, “village ballads”, “chanting ballads” and so on. It is also an important monitoring system in ancient China. With the development of society, “rumor” has changed its semantic meaning. In modern Chinese, “rumor” has become an unreliable,
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020


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