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May 04, 2023Open    Access

Factors Associated with Healthcare-Seeking Behavior among Health Profession Students in Selected Universities in Southwestern Uganda

Hannington Gamukama Wamaani, Ronald Olum, Noble Ajuna, Humphrey Atwijukire, Jane Kabami, John Baptist Asiimwe
Introduction: Health professional students (HPS) tend to seek informal health care associated with self-medication (SM). Therefore, this study investigated the factors associated with healthcare-seeking behavior (HSB) among HPS. Methods: The study employed a cross-sectional design. Four hundred (400) HPS from two universities Bishop Stuart University (BSU) and Kampala International University Western Campus (KIU)] in southwestern Uganda were selected using a convenience sampling method. Data was...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Mar 09, 2023Open    Access

Factors Affecting Users’ Continuance Intention toward Mobile Health: Integration of Theory of Consumption Value and Expectation Confirmation

Jing Wang, Yang Cao
Introduction: Due to the rapid development of information and communication technology in the past decades, mobile health had a significant impact on the development of healthcare systems as an innovative medical service model. Despite the popularity of mobile health worldwide, its continuance use has not been very high. Therefore, the factors that influence consumers’ continuance intention of mobile health deserve further study. Methods: From July to August 2022, data were collected via a cross...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Jan 18, 2023Open    Access

Generic Approach to Modeling a Virtual Observatory Integrating Spatio-Temporal and Toponymic Data Dedicated to Health Governance Application to the Gabonese Context

Marius Massala Mbindzoukou, Pierre Moukeli Mbindzoukou
The need for ubiquitous information and knowledge is currently described as an issue by African Governments. To this end, the Gabonese government has decided to set up a program called E-health. Admittedly, experiences and strategies in terms of data infrastructures and open data platforms exist; but the fact remains that their contents are still little known and sometimes unsuitable for exploitation within the framework of the country’s development policies. With this article, we are proposing ...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Nov 30, 2022Open    Access

Students’ Health Care Seeking Behaviour and Perception about Health Care Services at SD Dombo University in Resource Poor Setting in Northern Ghana

Joseph Kwame Wulifan, Bismarck Yelfogle Guba, Darius Tuonianuo Mwingyine
Background: Students have the tendency to delay or ignore preventive health-care measures until the illness escalates. The purpose of this study is to assess the health seeking behavior of these students and to identify the factors affecting this behavior. Methods: Data was collected from a sample of 422 students at the Dombo University on heath seeking behaviour in the past 12 months, using an anonymous questionnaire. We employed a two (2) level of data analysis. At the first level we adopted t...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

May 19, 2022Open    Access

Influence of Corporate Governance Practices on Performance of Faith-Based Hospitals: A Systematic Review

Sr. Josephine Muthoni Ndege, Wanja Mwaura-Tenambergen, Kezia Muthoni Njoroge
Faith-based health facilities form a key pillar in the provision of health services, especially in the rural and marginalized areas of the country where public health service provision is low, failed or non-existent. However, these institutions are exposed to the risks of continued reliance on boards of management constituted by religious leaders, leading to weak governance structures. This review focused on the effect of corporate governance on the performance of faith-based hospitals. A system...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Mar 21, 2022Open    Access

Stress among Health Care Workers (Doctors and Nurses) as an Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Ambreen Goni, Md Jahid Hasan, Kornelia Kotseva
Aim: First aim is to measure the magnitude of stress due to COVID-19 among Healthcare workers (HCWs). Secondly, personal and professional factors associated to their psychological health will be explored. Thirdly, stress levels of front-line and second-line HCWs will be compared. Method: This cross-sectional, direct questionnaire-based survey was carried out in Portiuncula hospital between 18th May 2021 and 5th June 2021. From 184 HCWs doctors and nurses, 148 participated in the survey. HCWs wer...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Oct 22, 2021Open    Access

Implementation Fidelity of Gender Based Violence Screening among Health Care Providers in the Health Care Facilities of Dodoma Region, Tanzania

Hindu Ibrahim, Secilia Ng’weshemi
Background: The Gender Based Violence (GBV) screening rate among health care providers is low despite the strategies to initiate GBV screening set by the Ministry of Health in Tanzania through implementation fidelity. This proposed study is an attempt to fill the gap by determining the GBV screening Implementation Fidelity, focusing on adherence to Protocols and Procedures in implementing GBV screening and factors affecting adherence to the implementation fidelity of GBV screening among the heal...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

Sep 01, 2021Open    Access

Method of Payment and Accessibility and Accessibility to Healthcare in Urban Areas: Case of the Health District of Kisanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ngolo Kwete Matthieu, Chuy Kalombola Didier, Kimba Mukanya Pascal, Matungulu Matungulu Charles, Ilunga Kandolo Simon, Mashini Ngongo Ghislain, Chenge Mukelenge Faustin, Mwembo Tambwe Albert, Luboya Numbi Oscar
Introduction: Improving health conditions in poor countries should be a priority in development policies, not only because health problems are an integral dimension of poverty, but also because there is no access to development without work and no longer to a work without health. Method: We carried out a cross-section on accessibility to care in the Kisanga health zone with the aim of improving access to health care. Our data was collected based on a questionnaire as well as an interview. We use...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

Jun 28, 2021Open    Access

Comparison of Good Medical Practice Guidelines of Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia: A Review Paper

Hanusha Durganaudu, Goh Wern Sze, Yan Seah Yuin, Naganathan Pillai, Christina Gertrude Yap, Nowrozy Kamar Jahan
Good medical practice guidelines primarily highlight the obligations expected from medical practitioners, which are considered safe, effective and trustworthy by practitioners and the general community. Hence, the purpose of these guidelines is to serve as guidance for doctors to provide the best quality of care for their patients. While the core themes incorporated in these guidelines are often similar, there is nevertheless a need to review the existing good medical practice guidelines to dete...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

May 19, 2021Open    Access

Association of Demographic and Occupational Factors with SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Uptake in Kenya

Bertha A. Ocholla, Obed Nyangena, Herbert K. Murayi, Jane W. Mwangi, Steve K. Belle, Phanice Ondeko, Rebecca Kendagor
The outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 has triggered adoption and diffusion of public and infection control measures. After numerous clinical trials, various brands of vaccines were developed to attenuate further spread of the virus. The vaccines come at a time when misinformation is scuttling synergies to fight the flu-like disease. Uncertainty surrounding the safety of the vaccines translates to fear of health outcomes among users yet hesitancy in vaccine uptake ha...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021


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