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Study on Influence of Local Failure of Supporting Structure on Enclosure Structure

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1110179, PP. 1-13

Subject Areas: Civil Engineering

Keywords: Deep Foundation Pit, Partial Failure, Alternate Path Method, Numerical Modeling, Enclosure Structure

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Foundation pit collapse is a continuous failure process. One of the main characteristics of foundation pit collapse caused by internal support failure is that it will lead to the destruction of the enclosure structure. Based on the actual foundation pit engineering, this paper uses the finite element software Midas-GTS NX to establish a three-dimensional foundation pit model. Based on the principle of component removal method and nonlinear dynamic analysis method, the influence of the inner support failure on the envelope structure is analyzed. The results show that when the damage degree of the inner support increases, the deformation of the foundation pit retaining structure also increases, and the phenomenon of stress concentration occurs. The horizontal displacement of the retaining structure increases with the increase of the local failure location, but the overall displacement has little change. With the aggravation of the local failure degree of the retaining structure, the soil deformation around the foundation pit keeps increasing, and the maximum displacement and maximum stress both increase significantly. The research of this paper can provide some safety guidance for foundation pit engineering.

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Wu, Y. and An, X. (2023). Study on Influence of Local Failure of Supporting Structure on Enclosure Structure. Open Access Library Journal, 10, e179. doi:


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