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Exploring the Impact of Education Service Quality on University Reputation: A Study on Chinese Universities

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1110091, PP. 1-12

Subject Areas: Higher Education

Keywords: Education Service Quality, Satisfaction, Word-of-Mouth, Chinese Universities

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This study aims to explore the relationship between education service quality and university reputation in Chinese universities. The concept of “word-of-mouth” in marketing is used as the representative variable to measure university reputation. The Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) theory is employed to establish a concise model comprising education service quality, satisfaction, and word-of-mouth to investigate the impact mechanism of education service quality on university reputation. A sample of 399 Chinese university students was used to test the model. The findings provide a theoretical reference for university management work, helping universities to improve their education service quality and enhance their reputation.

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Wang, W. , Zhao, J. and Yang, D. (2023). Exploring the Impact of Education Service Quality on University Reputation: A Study on Chinese Universities. Open Access Library Journal, 10, e091. doi:


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