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Respiratory Distress Revealing Takayasu’s Disease: Case Report

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1110019, PP. 1-6

Subject Areas: Pediatrics, Emergency & Critical Care, Cardiology

Keywords: Heart Failure, Respiratory Distress, Takayasu’s Disease

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Takayasu’s arteritis is a chronic inflammatory, autoimmune, granulomatous disease of the aorta and its major branches, at their origin, resulting in dilatation, occlusion, stenosis and/or aneurysm formation of these arteries. The disease usually begins in adulthood but pediatric involvement is very rare and the diagnosis is late. We report the case of a 13-year-old child admitted for respiratory distress, whose detailed clinical examination and CT angiography confirmed the diagnosis.

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Zerouati, K. , Rkain, M. and Babakhoya, A. (2023). Respiratory Distress Revealing Takayasu’s Disease: Case Report. Open Access Library Journal, 10, e019. doi:


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