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Microwave Induced Hormesis

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1109835, PP. 1-9

Subject Areas: Biophysics, Pathology, Pharmacology, Cell Biology

Keywords: Bacteria, Survival, DNA, Resonance, Stabilization, Genes, The Ferhulst Equation

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The effect of centimeter waves of non-thermal level on four types of bacteria has been studied. On E. coli strains, a sharp increase in survival during the first cycle of cell division was obtained. The mechanism of inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by a weak electromagnetic field is explained. The mechanism of stimulating the survival of bacteria associated with the activation of genes that reduces the number of dying bacteria is explained. The general form of the modified Ferhulst equation is proposed and its general solution is found, taking into account the impact of negative external influences and the effect of stimulation. Conclusion: A weak electromagnetic field can be used in sanitary procedures, and the modified Ferhulst equation can help in the preparation of treatment programs.

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Ikhlov, B. L. (2023). Microwave Induced Hormesis. Open Access Library Journal, 10, e9835. doi:


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