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Directional Droplet Transportation on Microchannels

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1109253, PP. 1-7

Subject Areas: Functional Materials, Surface and Intersurface of Materials, Material Experiment

Keywords: Directional Droplet, Transportation, Superwettability, Microchannels

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In recent years, anisotropic wetting surfaces have attracted wide scientific attention for both fundamental research and practical applications. Directional transportation of droplets, as an efficient method to conduct droplet motion, has attracted great interest in research and industrial fields. Nevertheless, the great challenges in its application focus on these aspects such as sample conservation, velocity, distance, precision and driving force. Very recently, some research highlights were published regarding improving the directional transportation of aqueous droplets by creating micro topological channels. The conceptually novel multi-bioinspired strategy based on structures and functions is rendering a promising candidate for practical applications. In addition, the numerical simulation and experimental verification can adjust and optimize the configuration parameters to improve the transportation capacities of the channels. This review focuses on typical and recent advances in the area of directional droplet transportation on micro channels, mainly based on micro-/nanostructures. As a result of their excellent performance in solving the aforementioned challenges, we anticipate that these works would prosperously promote the fabrication and application of directional droplet transportation.

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Chu, L. , Wang, Y. and Ge, X. (2022). Directional Droplet Transportation on Microchannels. Open Access Library Journal, 9, e9253. doi:


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