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Evidence of a Dark Matter that Is Not an Exotic Matter: WLM’s Case

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1109086, PP. 1-25

Subject Areas: Particle Physics, Dynamical System

Keywords: Dark Matter, Galaxies, Dwarf-Local Group-Galaxies, ISM-Galaxies, Irregular-Galaxies, Kinematics and Dynamics-Intergalactic Medium

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A recent article reports new observations of the gaseous content of Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte (WLM), an archetype of isolated, gas-rich field dwarf galaxies in the Local Universe, which presents an unexpected situation, four trailing, extended gas clouds lying in the direction opposite to WLM’s spatial motion, as well as a spatial offset between the WLM gas and stars, which rules out the near-completion merger hypothesis and suggests a process called ram-pressure stripping. For these authors, this finding could indicate either the presence of an intergalactic, gaseous reservoir far from large galaxies whose evolutionary role in galaxies, both large and small, may not be fully appreciated or the WLM galaxy is deficient in dark matter (DM). Here, we propose an explanation for which WLM galaxy is effectively deficient in DM and which allows explaining DM in the General Relativity Frame without an exotic matter. It explains the existence of gas clouds lying in the direction opposite to WLM’s spatial motion, the number of four of these clouds, their location and the two bridges. Furthermore, this solution can explain the warping of WLM and the vertical position of WLM. This explanation also implies a slight shift and counterclockwise rotation of these clouds (unexplained by Ram pressure effect) and that the left (western) side of WLM is frontward. This explanation allows retrieving the density of the gaseous intergalactic medium and interstellar gaseous medium thanks to DM.

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Corre, S. L. (2022). Evidence of a Dark Matter that Is Not an Exotic Matter: WLM’s Case. Open Access Library Journal, 9, e9086. doi:


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