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High Precision Low Temperature Drift Modulus Mixed Multichannel

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1109067, PP. 1-11

Subject Areas: Nuclear Physics

Keywords: Multichannel, High Resolution, Low Temperature Bleaching, Low Power Consumption

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In the field of nuclear science, it is often necessary to measure the energy spectrum of radiation signals. The common multi-channel measurement systems are divided into analog multi-channel measurement system and digital multi-channel measurement system. The pure analog multichannel system will be limited by the simulator, resulting in its low bandwidth, long statistical dead time, serious ballistic loss and low counting rate. Although digital multichannel has greatly improved these shortcomings, it has high cost and high power consumption, which is difficult to be popularized in low power consumption and civil fields. In order to integrate the advantages of both, this paper combines analog multichannel and digital multichannel to improve a new type of analog-to-digital Hybrid Multichannel. Let them inherit their respective advantages, improve the resolution and count rate, and reduce the cost and system power consumption. Finally, the analog-to-digital mixed multichannel detector with cebr3 and LaBr3 scintillator photomultiplier tube successfully designed by national chemical devices is used. The resolution of Cs137 source is 4.5% (@662 keV) and 2.5% (@662 keV) respectively at 662 keV, which can meet the design requirements, effectively reduce the cost and improve the main force.

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Yu, C. , Xian, D. and Liu, J. (2022). High Precision Low Temperature Drift Modulus Mixed Multichannel. Open Access Library Journal, 9, e9067. doi:


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