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Unveiled Major Global Climate Calamities Hot Spots with Their Tracks, Targets and Lone Alone Reversion Director

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1108953, PP. 1-24

Subject Areas: Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences

Keywords: Global Climate Calamities Control, Pakistani Irrigation Based Unique Global Air Conditioner, Indian Air Wheels, Indian Monsoon Boosted North Atlantic Hurricanes and the Indus River System Flows

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The extreme buildup of Global Heat Content (GHC) is the major culprit behind all Global Climate Calamities (GCC). About 86.38% of its annual heat input is due to Indus Basin Water Treaty (IBWT) blunder, committed in 1960 by diverting 39 MAF Water Irrigating Pakistan (WIP) to India. This disabled the Divinely created Global Air Conditioner (GAC) already in operation at 35.7% of its capacity, dissipating GHC at 14.235 ZJ/year with the said water as its Freon. Henceforth, 41.1% annual deficit in GHC dissipation budget started resulting in continuous huge growth of GHC energizing number of hot spots, continuously boosting GCC through Indian Air Wheels (IAW), an evaporator and condenser of GAC. The major of these unspotted hot spots, their energizing mechanism, their Targets and attacking routes are unveiled in this work to further elaborate complex GCC promotion network to the World Leaders and draw their attention towards actual solution of this dilemma through GAC, the lone alone reversion director. By Devine mercy, GAC mobilization at full capacity can successfully revert all GCC to the opportunities within 56 years (by 2078) restoring 1960 climate status through blocking annual heat addition and draining 923 ZJ already heaped GHC. Thereafter, this GAC will handle all anticlimactic contributions due to human population growth for centuries. This is the only way, while all other measures concentrate only on 13.62% of only the current heat input and are never able to drain 923 ZJ. Also, the scattered findings in respect of GCC growing gravities, their mother GHC, their major promoter IBWT, the inevitable role of unique GAC with its prime and vital components, the IAW and WIP and its potential to solve all GCC and many other global problems too and terrible role of present IBWT sponsored disability are all summed up and presented to the all the stakeholders in GCC Control, particularly the UNO, NASA, World Bank, all Scientific Institutions, USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Japan and China (the countries at fore front of GCC main attacks) in order to alert them of forthcoming unimaginable disasters and divert their attention and activities towards GAC earliest mobilization.

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Nazeer, M. M. (2022). Unveiled Major Global Climate Calamities Hot Spots with Their Tracks, Targets and Lone Alone Reversion Director. Open Access Library Journal, 9, e8953. doi:


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