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Interpreting the Symbolic Meaning of Dong Drum Tower Architectural Form—Taking Sanjiang Ma Fat Drum Tower as an Example

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1108652, PP. 1-13

Subject Areas: Architecture

Keywords: Dong, Drum Tower, Symbolism

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The Drum Tower is a landmark of the Dong ethnic group, spawned by the unique terroir of the Dong region and shaped through the skillful construction of Dong craftsmen. Because of the Drum Tower, the architectural culture of the Dong people has become more mellow and splendid. The richness and variety of the images of the drum towers surviving today reflect the diversity of the culture. Taking the Sanjiang Ma Fat Drum Tower as an example, the article analyzes the architectural forms of the Dong drum towers through extensive documentary research, explores the various functions of the Dong drum towers and examines the correspondence between the architectural forms of the drum towers and their symbolic meanings. In this way, a deeper understanding of the traditional culture deposited by the Dong villages is gained. This will enable more people to pay attention to the Drum Tower, to appreciate the artistic style of the Drum Tower and to appreciate the humanistic landscape of the Dong people.

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Fan, Y. (2022). Interpreting the Symbolic Meaning of Dong Drum Tower Architectural Form—Taking Sanjiang Ma Fat Drum Tower as an Example. Open Access Library Journal, 9, e8652. doi:


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