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The Effect of Blue Ocean on Business Entrepreneurship through Niche Marketing as a Mediating Variable (Applied Study on Zalat for Leather Products Co.)

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1108010, PP. 1-13

Subject Areas: Entrepreneurship

Keywords: Blue Ocean, Niche Marketing, Business Entrepreneurship

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This research investigates the impact of the Blue Ocean Strategy on business entrepreneurship through Niche marketing as a mediator. Researchers adopted a descriptive-analytical approach, A structured questionnaire was developed and administrated to a sample of “Zalat for leather products” employees, where 500 questionnaires were distributed, and 395 questionnaires were retrieved for analysis. The rate was 79% of the distributed questionnaires. Analyzing data was conducted using a set of statistical methods using SPSS-V23 and AMOS-V23. The study found that Blue Ocean Strategy and Niche marketing all had a significant positive effect on business entrepreneurship. These findings suggest that companies should utilize the Blue Ocean Strategy to select a Niche market according to their unique advantages and develop high-margin products through product customization strategies.

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Abdel-Dayem, H. A. , Ragheb, M. A. S. , Abdel-Azzim, M. , Hamaida, F. A. and Abdel-Bary, A. A. (2021). The Effect of Blue Ocean on Business Entrepreneurship through Niche Marketing as a Mediating Variable (Applied Study on Zalat for Leather Products Co.). Open Access Library Journal, 8, e8010. doi:


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