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The Entire Body Quiver Effect on Lower Extremity Flexibility in Healthy Young Female

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107953, PP. 1-11

Subject Areas: Sports Science

Keywords: Flexibility, Muscles, Whole Body Vibration

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Flexibility is one of the most important parts of the normal muscular system. Thus, before this when athletes start the competitions and exercises they should warm up their body muscles in regular and systematic ways. In the studies that were carried out in this field, the effects of flexibility difference which has an alike impact on the right and left feet as well difference were not declared. In this research, the variation of flexibility also cleared which do not have a similar impact on feet; as a result, there is only the existence of difference. The objective of the study is the effects of WBV on lower extremity organs of Healthy young females. About materials and methods, a total of 30 healthy young women with an average age of 22 ± 4 years participated in the present study. Their resilience was measured using passive knee extension tests, hip flexibility, testing and modified sessions and interventions before and after reaching the test. Participants stand on WBV equipment (f = 25 Hz, Amp = 2 mm 5 × 1 minute hold 60 seconds rest) in semi-squat position. The items of the participant case were analyzed by using IBM 26 version of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). After WBV, hamstrings and hip flexors, as well as general flexibility, increased significantly (P = 0/001). The results showed that before WBV, there was a significant difference in hamstring and hip flexion between both legs (P ≤ 005), but after WBV, there was no significant difference in hip flexion flexibility. The findings of the study indicate that WBV appears to be appropriate training for lower extremity muscle flexibility. The results of this study showed that WBV can be an effective training method to increase flexibility and due to the contradictory results in the benefits of using stretching in training programs may be used as a complementary method to improve flexibility.

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Lin, X. and Sharifi, K. D. (2021). The Entire Body Quiver Effect on Lower Extremity Flexibility in Healthy Young Female. Open Access Library Journal, 8, e7953. doi:


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