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Introducing English Linguistics: Book Review

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107895, PP. 1-8

Subject Areas: Linguistics

Keywords: Applied Linguistics, English Linguistics, Syntax, the Sounds of English, English Words, Book Review

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Every normal human being is born with a natural capacity for language learning and acquisition. To gain proficiency in language learning or teaching, one needs to fathom certain inputs that facilitate language learning and teaching. Books are influential resources for English language teaching and learning. Research papers can also be beneficial resources that facilitate second language teaching and learning. This paper, therefore, provides a précis of the main tenets of Meyer’s Introducing English Linguistics, in guileless words for the assistance of our second language students, readers, and English as second language teachers and users in general. Though this content analysis review paper uses the text, Introducing English Linguistics as the main data, references have been made to other related information from other authors.

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Owusu, E. , Adade-Yeboah, A. and Rockson, K. (2021). Introducing English Linguistics: Book Review. Open Access Library Journal, 8, e7895. doi:


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