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Research on the Deep Interaction of Online Teaching and Its Value Embodiment

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107517, PP. 1-11

Subject Areas: Teaching and Learning Technologies, Distance and Open Education

Keywords: Online Teaching, Deep Interaction of Teaching, Online Interactive Classroom, Interpersonal Delayed Interaction

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The purpose of this study is to promote deep interaction in online teaching to be paid more attention to, and to provide guidance and suggestions for the implementation of deep interaction in online teaching. Make online teaching interaction break through the limitation of traditional teaching interaction, attach importance to the innovation of the content and form of teaching interaction, and further form the depth of online teaching interaction; In order to adapt to the interactive characteristics of college students in the new era and promote the comprehensive development of students’ information quality, a new type of teacher-student relationship can be constructed to trigger students’ deep learning. In collection, on the basis of analysis of a large number of research data, analysis of the connotation of the traditional teaching of interaction, think the connotation of the traditional teaching interaction can’t cover online interactive teaching content and form, and online interactive teaching is more form diversification, depth of content, the interaction process of digitalization, digital interactive features such as interactive evaluation, Therefore, the connotation of the deep interaction of online teaching is expanded. On the classification of the interactive teaching, previous studies mainly in view of the interaction of traditional classroom teaching, cannot reflect the type of online interactive teaching, this study based on the online interactive teaching depth delay sexual characteristics, the types of online interactive teaching, online interactive teaching depth can be divided into interpersonal interactions, and interpersonal interactive time delay, the known interaction and people skills four types; Finally, this study discusses the value of deep interaction of online teaching in teacher-student relationship, deep learning, adapting to the personality characteristics of modern students, and training students’ comprehensive development of information quality.

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Liu, P. , Zhang, Y. and Zhao, J. (2021). Research on the Deep Interaction of Online Teaching and Its Value Embodiment. Open Access Library Journal, 8, e7517. doi:


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