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Certain Problem for Starlike Functions with Respect to Other Points

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107383, PP. 1-9

Subject Areas: Algebraic Geometry

Keywords: Univalent Functions, Distortion Theorem, Fractional Calculus Operators

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In this work, a new class of analytic and univalent functions , , with respect to other points that include symmetrical and conjugats in the unit disk are studied. The estimated coefficients are calculated respectively for each class of functions. The fractional calculus techniques where were used to study the distortion theorem. The fractional integral operator was used to satistfy the analytic function f(z) in a simply-connected region of the z-plane containing the origin on a class , and hence concluded to the analytic fonctions f(z) on the calsses and .

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Esa, G. H. (2021). Certain Problem for Starlike Functions with Respect to Other Points. Open Access Library Journal, 8, e7383. doi:


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