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Research on PE Tutoring Service Strategy under the Background of New Curriculum Standard

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107366, PP. 1-12

Subject Areas: Physical Education

Keywords: Physical Education Service, Physical Education Institutions, Influencing Factors

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With the development of social economy, the implementation of the national fitness plan and people’s attention to their health, physical education has become a unique way of life. Tutoring institutions are educational institutions that provide “one-to-one” individual academic guidance for learners in their families or tutoring institutions. The emergence and development of tutoring institutions has its historical inevitability, which is closely related to the enhancement of social competition consciousness, the disadvantage of large class teaching, the lack of social and economic status of teachers and the educational concept of parents. The target range of physical education has been broadened. For children please sports tutoring is a very common social phenomenon, but this does not mean that only children need to please family tutoring, in a narrow sense, the main object of sports tutoring is for children (primary and middle school students) groups. With the continuous development of the society and the different needs of the members of the society, the target range of physical education has been expanded. In a broad sense, all the people who have sports training needs can ask for sports tutoring, therefore, sports tutoring is a kind of personalized sports education services in essence. At present, although the physical education institutions have obtained unprecedented development, but through the investigation found that physical education also has some problems, such as through non-standard publicity, random fees, tutoring quality is difficult to guarantee. The existence of these problems is not correct, driven by interests, internal management strategy is not in place, the idea of running a school of sports tutoring institutions is too profit-oriented. To solve these problems, PE tutors should pay attention to the content and ensure the quality; Reasonable publicity, create brand; Stabilizing teachers, strengthening training, expanding scale, strengthening marketing and so on. At present, whether the development needs of students can be taken as the ultimate starting point is an important factor affecting the survival and development of tutoring institutions. This paper adopts a variety of research methods such as literature method, interview method, questionnaire survey method and mathematical statistics method. All of these situations are the actual problems that all of us sports workers must face. Facing these problems, we must effectively solve the problems, in order to provide theoretical basis for the research of sports tutoring service strategy under the background of the new curriculum standard.

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Tang, Y. , Weng, X. and Gong, L. (2021). Research on PE Tutoring Service Strategy under the Background of New Curriculum Standard. Open Access Library Journal, 8, e7366. doi:


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