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Phenotypic Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila Isolates in Fresh Water Fishes in FCT Using MicrobactTM GNB 24E Identification Kit

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107066, PP. 1-12

Subject Areas: Veterinary Medicine

Keywords: Microbact, Aeromonas hydrophila, Biochemical, Isolates, Characterization, Zoonotic, Prevalence

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The study was carried out to determine the phenotypic characters of Aeromonas isolates from fresh water fishes sold in FCT using culture and isolation, and conventional biochemical identification method and confirmation with MicrobactTM GNB 24E identification system. Out of 400 samples collected from different fishes (257 from Tilapia zillii, 77 from Clarias gariepinus, 58 from Lates niloticus, and 8 from Alestes nurse) culture and biochemical characterization revealed that 40 isolates were Aeromonas specie and all the isolates (100%) were positive to oxidase, catalase, hydrogen sulphide, voges proskauer and motility tests. MicrobactTM GNB 24E kit further revealed 15 out of 40 isolates were Aeromonas hydrophila. Descriptive statistics of the results showed an overall prevalence rate of 3.75% with the highest prevalence rate of 6.79% in Bwari Area Council, 3.29% in Abuja Municipal Area Council. Aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from all the species of fish in the study area. Tilapia zillii had a prevalence rate of 3.11%, while Lates niloticus 5.17%, Clarias gariepinus, 3.89%, and Alestes nurse was 12.50%. Our research was able to isolate Aeromonas hydrophila from fresh water fish sold in Federal Capital Territory, which causes zoonotic diseases therefore implies potential danger to man and other animals which makes public health awareness and enlightenment of the dangers associated with Aeromonas hydrophila in Nigeria necessary.

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Mailafia, S. , Nabilah, B. and Olabode, H. O. K. (2021). Phenotypic Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila Isolates in Fresh Water Fishes in FCT Using MicrobactTM GNB 24E Identification Kit. Open Access Library Journal, 8, e7066. doi:


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