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The Reform of Publishing Format and the Reconstruction of Editing Power in the Era of Intelligence

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1107052, PP. 1-10

Subject Areas: Journalism and Communication

Keywords: Intelligent Era, Editing Power, Publishing Format, Digital Viability

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Intelligence represents the future direction of media development. The combination of intelligent technology and publishing media brings penetration and deep application, which makes the content production from the original manual process into a highly automated machine workflow. This eliminates the production relations and inherent boundaries of the traditional publishing field, changes the thinking mode and working mode of the relevant subjects in the original publishing ecological chain, and reshapes the publishing process and industrial ecology. Under the background of integrating new demands, new formats, new technologies and new talents, the prospect and analysis of publishing formats in the intelligent era and the establishment of an analysis framework of editorial power in the intelligent era are helpful for us to grasp the development trend of intelligent publishing and build an intelligent publishing format in line with ecological development. Therefore, starting from the future intelligent publishing scene, this paper discusses the reconstruction and reconstruction of the publishing content value by media intelligence, expounds the concept of editing power in the intelligent era, and from the development trend of publishing formats in the intelligent era, the ability development of editors, the main body of publishing industry, is viewed. The research shows that: the editing work in the intelligent era is not only limited to editing and proofreading work, but also closely linked with the times and integrated with the development of technology; the editing ability in the intelligent era is composed of learning ability, new human-computer cooperation quality and competency of intelligent work field; editors in intelligent era must develop their own core literacy to improve digital students in intelligent era.

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Chen, Y. (2020). The Reform of Publishing Format and the Reconstruction of Editing Power in the Era of Intelligence. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e7052. doi:


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