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Perception and Experience of Women Facing Menopause in the Town of Mbujimayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106930, PP. 1-8

Subject Areas: Women’s Health, Public Health

Keywords: Perception, Lived, Menopause, Woman

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Objective: The general objective of our research contributes to the promotion of women’s health during the menopause. Methodology: This research addresses the qualitative phenomenological approach by seeking to try to unveil the perceptions and experiences of women facing menopause. The information was collected in a systematic and prospective manner from the respondents in order to allow us to describe the perceptions and experiences of women facing menopause in our environment. The study was carried out in a natural environment, in the city of Mbuji-Mayi more precisely in the DIULU health zone. We used as a data collection instrument a “self report” which included a main question and secondary questions, which were posed according to the conceptual model. Our research concerned married women for two reasons: they experience this phenomenon, they can explain their experiences. The sample size is 21 women. Result: The respondents consider the menopause as a return of age, the time to rest, while for others it is the sexual intercourse that becomes painful and suffocating. Regarding the causes of menopause, our respondents mentioned in particular sterility, certain gynecological pathologies, hormonal dysfunction, witchcraft. On the lived plan of the menopause: the origin depended on each one. For some, they believe that it is a divine punishment, others think that it is a disease. Our respondents mentioned certain causes such as divorce, illnesses. Conclusion: Menopause is a real upheaval in a woman’s life. Formerly, a taboo subject, the consultant was hardly interested in the disorders of the fifties and had difficulty in apprehending the complications that the cessation of ovarian functions could cause. However, progress in hormonology, women’s complaints amplified by the media, have meant that menopause and the phenomena which are related to it have gradually gone out of the field of action reserved for a few specialists to enter fully into the domain of the doctor generalist. He has become the first point of contact: listening to his patients, he can offer therapy that is both curative and preventive. This role is immense and allows the woman to cross often critical milestone under better conditions.

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Christophe, B. T. J. , Jovial, K. M. , Guillaume, K. M. , Justin, T. K. , René, M. M. J. , Patrice, K. K. , Jean, M. N. , Ngoyi, N. E. , Frederick, M. K. , David, K. K. , Fidelie, K. M. , Alain, M. T. , André, E. K. , Christophe, K. N. , Pierre, K. K. J. , Dieudonné, L. M. , André, M. K. and Stany, W. O. (2020). Perception and Experience of Women Facing Menopause in the Town of Mbujimayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6930. doi:


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