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Pregnancy in Adolescents at Peripheral Care Unit Gbodjome (Togo): Epidemiological Aspects and Causes

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106873, PP. 1-9

Subject Areas: Women’s Health, Gynecology & Obstetrics

Keywords: Pregnancy, Adolescent, Togo

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Introduction: Teenage pregnancies have serious consequences for the health of mothers and their children. The aim of this work was to study the circumstances of the onset of teenage pregnancy. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional and descriptive study, which took place from July 1st to 31st, 2019 at the Peripheral Care Unit (USP) of Gbodjomé in Togo. Results: A total of 100 adolescent girls were interviewed (12.6%). The average age of adolescent girls was 17.2 years (12 - 19 years). Adolescent girls were predominantly in primary school (42.0%) and single status (58.0%). Forty-two decimal zero percent of adolescent girls (42.0%) were living with their partners. In 5.0% of cases, adolescent girls were victims of sexual harassment. The pregnancy was the result of rape in 10.0% of cases. Ten decimal zero percent of adolescent girls (10.0%) had more than one sexual partner. Nearly half of the respondents (49.0%) knew at least one method of contraception, but only 8.0% used it. Financial help from the partner (57.0%) was the leading cause of sex. Conclusion: Teenage pregnancies have a negative impact on both the young mother and the unborn child. The ideal would be to make schooling for girls free, from primary school to the A-level.

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Ketevi, A. A. , Agbeko, Y. F. , Ajavon, D. R. D. , Douaguibe, B. , Bassowa, A. , Tenete, A. W. , Logbo-Akey, K. E. , Djankale, A. A. G. , Koffi, N. M. K. , Fiagnon, K. and Aboubakari, A. (2020). Pregnancy in Adolescents at Peripheral Care Unit Gbodjome (Togo): Epidemiological Aspects and Causes. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6873. doi:


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