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Multi-Criteria Computer Aided System for Industrial Machines' Performance Assessment

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106862, PP. 1-15

Subject Areas: Industrial Engineering

Keywords: Modeling, Strategic Decision, Multi-Criteria Features, Software Development, Performance Evaluation

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Efforts have been made by some researchers to determine machines' economic performance, some considered engineering features, some supply conditions while some look into the productivity as well as profitability of the machine separately. Recently, [1] saw the performance assessment of machine as surrogate problem and they deviate from single strategic decision common in past researches to multi-criteria approach in their research. Considerations were given to: annual operation cost, machine effectiveness and cost effective index as strategic decisions for machine performance evaluation. The model was robust, well integrated but its application is time consuming for decision making. There is no software to address this multi-criteria surrogate problem yet. Available single strategic decision software was of high cost, hence the development of this software that is flexible and novel to proffer solution to this problem using JAVA programming language. The software performance was evaluated using the data gotten from [1]. The summary of each year performance of a case study of cocoa winnowing machine on each of the selected strategic decision from 2008 to 2017, as it affects the machine annual operating cost (MAOC), overall machine effectiveness (MEFF) and cost effective index (CEI), was shown in Table 2. That of the year 2008 was 226,061.365; 0.97; and 0.99 for AOC; MEFF and CEI respectively. These results were statistically analysed and the results’ graphs were shown in Figures 2-5, and Figure 6, respectively. Their results were compared with the results of the software developed and the results were 100% accurate since there was no deviation from the results. Availability of this software makes the developed multi-criteria machine performance assessment model useable anywhere in the world.

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Olagunju, O. R. , Akinnuli, B. O. , Mogaji, P. B. and Awopetu, O. O. (2020). Multi-Criteria Computer Aided System for Industrial Machines' Performance Assessment. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6862. doi:


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