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Backward Design of Theoretical Unit of College Table Tennis Live Broadcast Course during the Epidemic Period

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106697, PP. 1-13

Subject Areas: Education, Sports Science

Keywords: Backward Design, Live Broadcast Lesson, COVID-19, Table Tennis Theory

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Based on the theory of backward design, this paper uses the method of literature and logical analysis to carry out the backward design of table tennis theory unit live broadcast course. The research shows that: the live broadcast course adopted by backward design can enable students to face the epidemic, master the knowledge of table tennis batting elements, cultivate correct behavior habits of daily epidemic prevention and home exercise, improve the students’ physical decline due to lack of exercise and the frequent occurrence of fear and anxiety caused by long-term stay at home; secondly, we should follow the thinking path of “end as the beginning”, so as to make teaching more specific and targeted, and improve the consistency of objectives, evaluation and teaching. Third, the basic problems and performance tasks make teaching attractive and effective, which can solve the problems of students’ low interest in learning and lack of motivation during the epidemic period. In short, the research can not only effectively complete the teaching task, improve the students’ interest and enthusiasm in learning, but also improve the cognitive level and behavior ability of students in the prevention and control of epidemic and fitness exercise, which provides reference for the development of epidemic physical education curriculum and the enrichment of college physical education teaching design.

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Wang, Z. , Wang, B. and Song, P. (2020). Backward Design of Theoretical Unit of College Table Tennis Live Broadcast Course during the Epidemic Period . Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6697. doi:


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