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Chicken Production Systems and Market Oriented in Post-Conflict in DRC

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106172, PP. 1-13

Subject Areas: Agricultural Science, Food Science & Technology

Keywords: RDC, Survey, Chickens, Production Systems, Market

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Livestock production in DRC is very low and cannot provide sufficient animal proteins and contribute efficiently to poverty alleviation. In this way, a survey was carried out on chicken’s production in 7 sites in the country: Bukavu and his hinterland, Minova, Bweremana-Sake, Goma, Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and in Kongo central (Mvuazi-Kolo). Survey was conducted on 8th to 23rd March 2015 at the household and chickens company level using standard methods of interviews and structured questionnaires on chicken’s production systems and commercialization. Results confirm that local chickens are yet commonly rearing in the country. They were eating by scavenging, rate of mortality was high, chicken accommodation was not yet well performed and the most disease was New Castle. Extension services had low involvement in the chicken’s production. Prices were high in all the sites. This should be an opportunity for the businessmen to boost the chicken industry production in the country. This study aims to survey current chicken industry and the status of technology based on the Korea-Africa Food Agriculture Cooperation Agency (KAFACI) project on the promotion of good management for increased productivity of market oriented small-scale chicken producers in DRC.

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Katunga, M. M. D. , Balemirwe, K. F. and Masheka, B. (2020). Chicken Production Systems and Market Oriented in Post-Conflict in DRC. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6172. doi:


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