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Biomass Char Steam Gasification in Fluidized Reactor Using Nuclear Heat

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106155, PP. 1-14

Subject Areas: Developmental Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Sciences

Keywords: Biomass, Steam Gasification, Hydrogen Production, High Temperature, Fluidized Bed, Nuclear Reactors

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The energy resources diversification has been increased with the energy crisis, in particular, the renewable energies and optimal management have become essential in the context of sustainable development. The conventional auto-thermal gasification processes burn part of the carbonaceous compound in order to supply the energy necessary to enhance gasification reactions. This energy could be provided as well by a nuclear reactor of IV generation. The nuclear heat is transferred from the VHTR to a He stream, which is mixed with the steam before entering the reactor. The syngas produced in this process has a high quality which is applicable for Fischer-Tropsch processor for power generation in fuel cells. The present work aims to develop a model for char steam gasification in a fluidized bed, with nuclear heat as the source of energy for the gasification reactions. The results of the model are compared with the data reported in the literature.

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Belghit, A. (2020). Biomass Char Steam Gasification in Fluidized Reactor Using Nuclear Heat. Open Access Library Journal, 7, e6155. doi:


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