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Official Education during the Jin Dynasties

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105505, PP. 1-8

Subject Areas: Education, History

Keywords: The Jin Dynasties, The Central Official School, Local Official Schools, Education

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During the Jin Dynasties, the central official education was generally char-acterized by the establishment of schools from time to time. The Imperial College (in feudal China) set up special Imperial College doctors and The Imperial Academy in ancient China set up libationers, doctors and teaching assistants. Chamberlain for ceremonials is the highest official leader of the central official education. The prosperity and decline of local official schools were closely related to the degree to which local officials attach importance to themselves. The establishment of schools by local officials was a “rebellion” against the social trend of the Jin Dynasties, which advocated metaphysical style.

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He, X. (2019). Official Education during the Jin Dynasties. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5505. doi:


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